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My name is Serene Silva, of Metal Morhosis Designs, I am a female metalsmith living in the Santa Cruz mountains. I fabricate all of my pieces individually, by hand, in my studio, using hand saws, torches, anvils, hammers and employing ancient forging techniques. All of the metal used is recycled copper and brass sheet metal, that is re purposed from local industry. I acid etch images into metal, as well as use a rolling mill to imprint various leafs, grasses and ferns I find in nature. Complicated joinery and contrasting metals are my specialty. I use nuts and bolts, riveting and soldering to attach layers of metal together, and love to showcase the hardware as an essential design element in my work. I draw upon my reverence of nature, love working within the Art Nouveau style, and enjoy using symbology in my pieces depicting transformation and change.

Making pretties is my favorite thing and i am especially enticed by custom orders and inspiring ideas. Etching images into metal is certainly something I can do.

A note about the process, and something that is really important to me, is that I use recycled brass and copper sheet metal. End cuts that would usually be thrown away by industry, I collect and instead turn into beautiful art!

***If you are located in or near Santa Cruz and would prefer pick up instead of paying shipping costs, just send me a message and I would love to facilitate such a request.