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★FREE GIFT WITH EACH PURCHASE!★ It will be a surprise!
(this does not apply to *free shipping listings, SHIP NOW items AND orders under $30)

We are now past our deadline for Christmas, however we are working very hard to get things done as soon as possible. The exception to this deadline is our SHIP NOW items which ship within 5 business days +/-. Those orders that also purchase the rush, have priority over the others.


ALSO - we will not be shipping the 19th of Dec Thru the 21st of Dec.

★ANNOUNCEMENT★ Our standard time frame is up to 6 weeks on most custom orders.

Powder coated house numbers and stainless house plaques, do not have the rush charge option at this time. They are up to 8 weeks, unless it is marked as a ship now item.


We now have a section in our shop that is called "SHIP NOW" that has items that are ready to ship within around 5 business days from purchasing. Purchases that are made in the other areas of our site will still need to wait the standard 3 - 6 weeks until they are shipped or you have the option of purchasing the rush charge mentioned above if you would like.


PLEASE put in the purchase notes the DATE YOU WOULD "LIKE" IT BY, and I can try and get it to you by that date Please ask if it is a consideration BEFORE you order. Some items I offer a rush charge, but only if it is physically possible for me to get it done sooner. If you are ordering a powder coated item, the time frame will remain at 5-7 weeks. If you are ordering an address sign/plaque, that is also 5-7 weeks out.


We have been creating handmade home and garden art on Whidbey Island, WA since 1997. We are located just north of the Seattle Area. We enjoy participating in local Garden Shows and Art Festivals. If you are interested in our show schedule, please visit our website at

As artists, we strive to design and create functional art pieces for the home and garden. We create our pieces from new and recycled steel, which we cut, grind, and form into components that we weld together. The back of our plasma cut items have a rough finish. We do not remove the slag. The front has been brushed clean. Some of our pieces also include cast cement elements from molds that we designed and produced.

Our products are mostly made out of mild steel, therefore if they are not coated with any lacquer or powder coating finish, they will continue to weather and rust nicely. :) Most of the items are brushed, new steel (gray color). If the item appears per-rusted, the rust can range from a bright orange appearance to a dark, brown like appearance. If you would like this color to remain in effect and stop rusting, PLEASE coat this with a clear lacquer or metal paint product to seal it. If it is house numbers that you are ordering and it is not sealed or brought away from the surface with a spacer, it will make rust marks. All will eventually turn dark brown rust color. The item will be noted in the listing if it has already been coated, but you are to assume that it is not, if it is not mentioned.

If you have a question about shipping etc, please check our shop policies page.


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Johnathan & Jandellyn Ward


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