miags' Shop Announcement

The “Made In America General Store” was founded on a few basic principles.

1.) Provide High Quality Hand Made American Products.
2.) Provide these products at affordable prices. (Given our current economy this has never been more important)!
3.) Offer Unique products, with designs that are superior to what is currently available on the market today.
4.) And finally to maintain a constant commitment to buy all of our raw materials from other local, and non-local but still American companies every chance we get!

In this great country of ours I saw a growing number of our American companies closing their doors, or shipping American jobs over seas to mainly China & India. And, being that I am not a politician, and do not have the power to change that over all trend. I decided that what I can do at the very least is open the doors of the “Made In America General Store”, and whole heartedly abide by the basic principles that I mentioned above.

We are based in the small town of Owego, New York. A town which was ravaged by massive flooding, in 2011. Where hundreds of people lost their homes, and jobs due to that flood. As our newly formed company grows I hope to put as many of those people back to work as I possibly can. And with the help of our loyal and satisfied customers, I am confident this is an attainable goal!

To our customers I say THANK YOU! Thank you for buying American! Thank you for your support!


Joe Chartrand
Owner & CEO

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