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I began teaching myself the art of jewelry making when my daughter was a year old. I knew I needed to express my creativity, but still be able to stay at home with her. Thus Michabella was born. I enjoy keeping up with trends and translating them in my own way. I think a great piece of jewelry can make your whole day.

I am grateful that I have been able to show my daughter that it is possible to do something you love. And that owning your own business is possible. Buying handmade means you appreciate the vision of the creator. I appreciate your support of mine.
Michelle Harvey
owner, designer, maker, curator, Photographer
I AM michabella. I design, create, and photograph each piece with love. I have a B.A. in Visual & Apparel Merchandising and my background is in retail management and visual merchandising. I am happy to share my love of fashion and jewelry with you!

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