Jewelry for writers, librarians, teachers, readers

I love to add stamped words to jewelry and small gifts.
My jewelry often features several layers and types of metal (mainly copper, brass, pewter) with lots of texture.
In the age of email, it's nice to receive a handwritten note from a friend.
Many of my handmade mini book ornaments have blank pages. I want you to have space to share your story!
I stamp one letter at a time with a hammer when making my jewelry, key chains, bookmarks, & luggage tags. No shortcuts!

Former Librarian Delights in Word-y Gifts

I've always been attracted to word-inspired jewelry and gifts.

With my jewelry, sometimes I'll begin with a certain book, author, quotation, word, or movie in mind. Other times, it won't be until after I've finished that I see the connection. I'm especially fond of creating earrings. In a way, they're like flash fiction stories. They're able to convey a mood or emotion. They hint at character and plot, but leave the viewer/reader to puzzle out the meaning. More than 100 of my original jewelry designs have been published in magazines such as Jewelry Stringing, BeadStyle, Bead Trends, Bead-It Today, and Beadwork. My first book, Unexpected Findings: 50+ Clever Jewelry Designs Using Everyday Components was published in October 2014 by Interweave / F+W.

My love of paper inspired me to sell cards. I use computers all day long, but I love the feeling of holding a pen and writing on paper. I've always worked jobs that involved paper, whether as a librarian, editor, or writer as an adult or delivering newspapers as a kid. I love the idea that a card has the opportunity to please two people: the one sending it and the one on the receiving end!

Look for some original card designs later this year, as well as more small gifts such as key chains, luggage tags, bookmarks, and gift packaging. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you at
Michelle Mach
owner, maker, designer, I do everything: make, package, ship!

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