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Custom dye is available! Send me a swatch of your gown and I will dye your veil or headpiece colors to match! Right down to your pearls! I do shoes too :)
Convo me with inquiries.

Please enjoy browsing my baubles, wedding veils, garters, hair wreaths, and flower treats. Special order items are always welcome on all wedding veils, sashes, garters, wreaths, and other items. Contact me to discuss your wedding veil or any other item you would like to have customized. I am usually quick in response to help you.
Enjoy my shop and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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!!Questions and Info Below!!



-1- Your wedding/departure date

-2 - The color of your wedding dress/dress. (Example: Stark White, Champagne, Light Ivory)

-3- Any CUSTOM modifications/changes you would like made to your order!

When you purchase, there is a "Buyers Comments Box" where you should list the 3 above details!

Most veils/custom items are 4 weeks to ship, please read the listing info to make sure.

Your veil/custom item order begins once your FULL payment has gone through. Once your item has shipped I will send you an Etsy Convo!

*The 4 weeks doesn't include in route shipment time.

_____ Most Items Are Made to Order 4 Weeks Lead Time_____

_____ In A HURRY!!! _____

Put a RUSH on it! Make note that if your wedding/departure date is less than 4 + shipping time, you MUST set up a RUSH. Purchase it here:

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1-2 weeks for production + shipping

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*International Shipping Disclaimer:
Due to the fact that Customs can hold any package as long as they want, I can't guarantee it will reach you in time. In the unfortunate event that Customs does hold your veil past your departure/wedding date I am not responsible and sadly can't accept a return since each item is custom-made specifically for you. Thank YOU for understanding!!!

!!!!!!!TOP QUESTIONS - Answered HERE!!!!!!!

What Color Veil/Custom Item Should I Order???
Take the guessing out of the equation and order swatches here!

Illusion Tulle:

Italian Tulle:

Silk Tulle:

What Color is My Dress???
Keep in mind that every designer has a different name and interpretation of what a "White" or "Ivory" dress looks like. My Diamond White may be another designer's Ivory. Though I LOVE receiving photos of your wedding dress, it doesn't accurately represent the color of your dress and therefore I won't recommend a color based on a photo! That's why actually seeing and feeling the fabric swatches in person can prove to be VERY helpful when selecting your color! I have included a list and description of color options below.

Bridal Illusion Color Descriptions:
-- White: stark white, white as printer paper
-- Diamond White: in between true white and ivory, a subtle off white color
-- Ivory: a hint of cream / subtle pale yellowish tone
-- Champagne: subtle butterscotch/caramel
-- Blush: pale/peachy lightest pink
-- Ballet Pink: Ballerina Pink
For other colors, please visit the sample listing:

Italian Tulle Color Descriptions:
-- White: stark white, white as printer paper, subtle blueish hue
-- Silk White: in between white and ivory, subtle off white, light ivory
-- Panna: soft subtle ivory hue
-- Blush: Very light Pale Pink

Silk Tulle Color Descriptions:
-- White: stark white, white as printer paper, subtle blueish hue
-- Silk White: in between white and ivory, subtle off white, light ivory
-- Ivory: soft subtle ivory hue

CUSTOM DYE IS AVAILABLE!!! I can dye to your swatch!!! Convo me!

-- Italian Tulle vs. Bridal Illusion Tulle vs Silk Tulle???
Italian tulle is much softer and feels more like chiffon fabric than Bridal Illusion Tulle.Italian Tulle is perfect for the bride that wants minimal pouf and loves the way it falls straight down from the comb(s).

Silk Tulle is a little loftier than Italian Tulle and has almost the same body as Illusion. It is usually courser than Illusion with a more open weave but is also a natural product if you are looking for something environmentally friendly and luxurious too.

Bridal Illusion Tulle has more loft to it. A dramatic veil with lots of volume can be achieved with multiple layers or lots of gathering of Bridal Illusion Tulle. Bridal Illusion Tulle is very light and catches a gust of wind easily. This is the tulle of traditional bridal veils.

-- What is a BLUSHER???
A blusher is a second layer of tulle that is often, but doesn't have to be, worn over the face as you walk down the isle. It is traditional and incredibly romantic to have your Groom lift the veil before your first kiss as husband and wife!

-- How do I Measure Myself for a Custom Length Veil???
This is much easier with help from a friend or husband to be!! You'll need a helper, string/ribbon and a ruler. Try to measure with a similar hairstyle as you intend to wear on the BIG day! Place the string or ribbon on your head where you think you'll be wearing the comb (near the ear line for Juliet/Bridal caps) and then let it fall naturally in the back or to the floor to your desired length. It is best to do this while wearing your wedding gown if it has a train. For longer veils let the string tail behind you, similar to how the veil would fall. In other words, don't pull the string taught on the ground. Allow a bit of slack. Take the string and measure it out on a ruler. For a blusher do the same thing, just let the string fall to the front, through the center of your face instead of the back.

-- How Wide are your Veils???
My long veils are 108" wide and my short veils {all veils under 40" long} are approximately 54" wide. There are variations so please check the listing of the veil/s you are considering.

-- How Are Midsummer Eve Veils Worn???
Classic veils are attached to a 4" silver metal comb. I have found that metal combs are more secure and easier for hair stylists to work with. If you would rather I put loops for bobby pins I'm happy to do that too! Juliet Veils/Bridal Caps and drop veils/mantillas have smaller combs usually attached to the sides, near the temples. Some drop veils are only secured with hair pins or a hat pin, especially if you are wearing a headpiece.

-- How Are Midsummer Eve Bridal Caps Worn???
There are two small combs attached to either side of the cap near the ear where the tulle gathers. For best placement, slide one comb in and then hold it in place while you put the other one in. When pushing the second comb in, don't be scared to stretch the tulle a bit so that there is some tension on the cap when you slide the second comb in. The tension on the cap will help hold the combs in place. This may take some practice before you get a REALLY secure placement. The caps can be worn high or low on the head. It is all in the placement and your preference!

-- How Are Midsummer Eve Flower Wreaths and Hair Adornments Worn?
Wreaths may have combs attach or you can secure them in place with hair pins. I can provide these if needed. Hair Adornments usually have combs, please read to see but usually all flower veils, etc comb with combs attached for easy placement. Just secure them in place wherever you want your piece to sit.

-- How Do I Iron My Veil???
Make sure to take your veil out of the package and hang it up so the wrinkles can begin to fall out. I highly recommend pressing your veil. Set your iron on a wool or silk temperature setting! NOT COTTON! Use a pressing cloth (pillow case) and place it in between your veil and the iron to ensure that you don't burn your veil.
(Do NOT steam your veil!)

-- Can I Return or Exchange My Veil/Item???
All returns/exchanges are discussed on a case by case basis. We're a small little shop where every item is carefully made by hand in the USA! Due to the fact that each item is made to order specifically to my customer's requests I have to weigh each issue carefully. I want you to be happy and am willing to work with any issue.

*Please be sure you've purchased the correct color and length before you checkout!

What are the Standard Wedding Veil Lengths:
+++Cage Veils and Hair Flowers with Veils are chin length on the average person (see photos). If you need longer or shorter ie: if you plan to wear at the back of your head, please let me know in the comment box, thanks!
18"......Shoulder Length
22”......Mid Chest Length
30”......Elbow/Waist Length
36”......Hip Length
40”......Finger Tip Length
55”......Mid Calf Length
65”......Waltz Length
72”......Chapel Length
108”....Cathedral Length

All photos and designs are property of Midsummer Eve © copyright 2012
Please do not re-post photos without giving credit!

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