The Start
The Ink
The Shirt

A Love Story

After studying graphic design at Towson University, I was able to pursue a degree in fashion at Parsons. I had two degrees in hand, I was sure to land a KILLER job SOMEWHERE. Not so much.

So... Life brought me back to my hometown. I had two burning passions in my hands. Graphics & Fashion. Working at an art store gave me perfect opportunity to dig my hands into the screen printing process. I fell in love, YET AGAIN. I am ever discovering new possibilities in the process that allows my world of graphics and fashion to collide.

I am now nestled in the embrace of a creative process that allows me to create graphics and apply it on fabric. Whether it be a t-shirt, a dress or other article of drawing.
owner, designer, Screen Printer
I was born and raised in Baltimore. I studied graphic design at Towson University and Fashion at Parsons.

By day, I sell art supplies... By night, I design super cool things.

I love art books, art supplies, and creating pretty things.