Once upon a time...

It seems as though I have always been creating something. I have loved DIY projects since I was little and remember the first time I went into a Michaels Hobby Shop, as they were named back then, and I was in heaven. The big project back in the day was rhinestones on everything! T-shirts, jeans, and even your sneakers.

Mind's Eye Design started in 2002. I started creating one-of-a-kind collage greeting cards while on a "ski trip" in the Pyrenees. I DON'T ski and I wanted a fun art project to do while I was stuck at the lodge all day with my then one year old son, Sacha. Valentine's Day was coming up so I made some collage cards for a few of my friends. Their response was so positive that I kept making more for other occasions and a year later I was selling them in a few stores in Toulouse and Paris.

I have been in retail & wholesale for almost 30 years. I owned a functional art gallery and another funky retail store in Dallas in the 80's & 90's. After selling my business in Dallas, I decided to take a break and travel Europe for a few months. I fell in love with a quaint city in the south of France, Toulouse, and thought it would be fun to live overseas for a year or so. One year turned into seven years and during that time I opened a small retail store, met a Frenchman, and had a child. I moved back to the U.S. in September 2005.

After the success I had in France selling my cards, the most logical step was to see if there was a market for them in the U.S. Each time I would come back to Michigan to visit my family, I would make appointments with area stores and show them my cards. One of those stops was Catching Fireflies, who became one of my earliest accounts. [Catching Fireflies & Yellow Door owner] April was instrumental in getting Mind's Eye Design its first set of sales reps in 2006.

We now have over 400 retail accounts throughout the U.S. All of our products are made in house and I have a small team that helps with production and fulfilling orders in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am also the designer of 'Fly Paper Products' which are a collection of book and library themed products which are here on Etsy. We have also licenced work from various artists to create the 'Hope Happens' collection of encouragement cards and we recently licensed the artwork of the very talented Roswell, GA artist Allison Strine, which is available both retail and wholesale.

I have a love for all things retro and especially the design & esprit of the 50's. My work incorporates vintage images from nostalgic magazine advertisements and pairs them with snarky phrases. Over the years we have added many other products beyond the original greeting cards such as fridge magnets, buttons, mirrors, and postcards. All the designs have a vintage retro appeal and nostalgic theme.
Hope Meadows
owner, Creative Diva
Hi, I am Hope Meadows, of Minds Eye Design. My creative journey has taken me from my homestate of Michigan, to Dallas Texas, then seven years in Toulouse France and back to Ann Arbor, Michigan.