mingogardens' Shop Announcement

Pressed flowers--Exquisite garden keepsakes...designed perhaps unlike any you've seen...handmade arrangements of my own home-grown flowers into artwork in a bouquet of applications...framed, jewelry, wedding confetti, cards, bookmarks, boxes, albums, journals, and more.

"Come, come to my garden! I want my roses to see you!"
Welcome to MingoGardens where I share my garden with you piece by piece!

Enjoy my mountain garden over and over again through meticulous preservation and design techniques that make this artwork seem fresh-picked and fragrant. Virtually all the botanical materials used in my pieces are grown and pressed at MIngo Gardens in our spectacular mountain valley in northeast Washington state. Each floral motif is by its very nature as unique and one-of-a-kind as each flower, leaf, and tendril in that design. At Mingo Gardens we seek to cooperate with God, the Creator, to save and show off some of the sweetest of His creations--flowers!

Welcome to the garden!

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And this nice blogger kindly did an interview about my history as a pressed flower artist:

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