minifications' Shop Announcement


If you are looking for my Christmas Trees or ornaments, please visit my new etsy store, called "minifichristmas." There were sooooo many Christmas Things, that i had to open a whole new store!!

Minifications will continue to list all manner of dollhouse scale and barbie scale items, and whatever miscellaneous interesting stuff I find laying around.

If you can't find what you are looking for, do NOT hesitate to can get a significant discount for making me learn to make new things!! Examples of custom requests and special orders are pictured at the top of the store home page.

Thanks for visiting my little shop! I hope you can find something you like, but please remember to ask if you don't see it!!!

well, that was the old minifications....welcome to the NEW minifications......

unfortunately, it seems i am getting to old for's too easy for people to say they didn't receive the items i sent, and i have no way of proving they did receive them, since even a tracking number, even though it is proof of delivery, is not proof that the ADDRESSEE received the item - go's too easy for people to say, that's not what i thought i was buying, and neither etsy nor ebay will review the listing and compare it to the item received....they are taking "the customer is always right" way beyond reality....

i have never misrepresented my items, and i have done my best to ship them on time, and safely packaged......but i am too tired of fighting "lost item" claims, and "not as described" claims.......true, most of these things happen on ebay, not etsy, but either way, it is wearing me down, to the point that i will just QUIT, soon enough......