minniemoonstone's Shop Announcement

I make jewellery with beads, wire, but mainly colour.
My greatest inspiration is the fuchsia and my passion was always to recreate these amazing flowers artistically, both in representation and colour.
I am, therefore, incredibly proud of my unique and colourful flower earrings, which always bring compliments!
Rarely do I make two pieces quite the same, even in the same range.
My fingers work as quickly as possible but my brain work faster!
Other jewellery items include necklaces,
bracelets, wire tiaras (not your usual, these!), brooches/pins - you name it...

I also make bags: recycled from jeans, felted on my embellisher or stitched on the sewing machine. I constantly fashion or repurpose many items into little works of art, if I am inspired to do so.
Everything inspires me, "what if" is my favourite question.

It is now time to start selling on, so I have a few things being listed. I hope you like what you see. More will be added, before I buy a showcase, soon, I hope.