MintyFreshFusions' Shop Announcement

My current items can be found in my new shop-
My ex registered the name of this business for tax purposes creating a bit of a mess, plus I quit fusing glass when I left NY:) Convo's here still go to my phone/email, or feel free to convo me at the other shop if you have any questions.

This has been a rough year since January, my 4 year old was assaulted and we've been back and forth between NY and FL for court for that and paternity and custody, and twice abruptly ordered to stay in NY separating me from my studio in FL unexpectedly. I hope I've been in contact with everyone who's had a problem throughout, but if anyone needs help with an older order, record keeping and internet contact were a serious problem earlier this year, PLEASE contact me if there's anything I need to refund or replace, I deeply apologize, it was something I did not foresee becoming such a horrible mess. Thank you to everyone for their patience:)

If you're visiting Ocracoke Island NC you can find a selection of my anchor themed items at sold The Black Schooner.

I also have or have had the shops unencumbered, mintyfreshstudio, mintyfreshfusions, and jenssideporch:)