minxdenpartdeux's Shop Announcement


Most of my items are kawaii, but also with the inspiration of the gumball machine filled with cute jewelry pieces! I love those kind of gumball machines that give you truly unique jewelry items as a kid, but I did not like the aspect of being surprised every time...sometimes I would get something I really liked, but other times, I wasn't so lucky...well with this shop, think of it as a "computerized gumball machine" only you would get exactly what you wanted! Minxdenpartdeux is a well oiled machine that produces the greatest looking rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, hair bows, barrettes, and even some jewelry sets! And of course I search far and wide for the finest quality of cabochons/deco/findings to make these gorgeous, weird, wacky, colorful, unique jewelry pieces!

If you have questions to ask me, never hesitate but I ask any of you that come across my shop to please read my entire policies before leaving me any emails, I am more than certain your questions would be answered by simply reading them. I get dozens of these emails daily and 99% of them could of been answered by simply reading my policies. It gets very tedious by answering these emails over and over again spending many hours in a day typing these emails. So please I ask all of you just read my policies, if your question isn't answered then please leave me an email. I will be happy to help.

KAWAII JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES AT RECESSION FRIENDLY PRICES!!! I strive to be fair in costs, I do not believe in overcharging people, I too love great deals! I have so many happy customers, and most of my customers have befriended me due to my friendly nature, and personalization of my customer service, I know you BY NAME, and not BY NUMBER OR HEAD COUNT! I do not believe in treating everyone like robots, this is my business, I take it very seriously!!