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Who is MishMish? (And why is she destroying my apartment?)

I am an architect with three cats. MishMish is a cat I rescued from a barber shop. I met her when my friend went to get a haircut and i saw a ball of fur running around in the barbershop. she was barely 2 months old, too young to eat dry food yet, too young to be away from her mom and way too young to fight rats as big as herself at nights.
i started taking care of her for the next few months, bringing her healthy food, flee medication, change her dirt, and give her baths and finally fixing her. she was about 5 months old that i asked the barber to let me adopt her. he agreed since she never wanted to stay inside the shop and they had a hard time chasing her back in the shop every night.
that's how she became my MishMish.

Later, I got involved in taking care of five kittens that were left in our back yard by their mother. I started feeding them and ended up participating in a program called TNR
9Trap Neuter, Release): in a three hour seminar the good people of Neighborhood Cats taught us how to use traps to capture unsocial feral cats, take them to ASPCA to be fixed and vaccinated and ear tipped, return them and take care of them while in cages until they recover and then release them to their original environment. fixed, vaccinated and now ear tipped to signal to animal control that they have a care taker: me!

I rescued two newborn ferals who's mother i was unable to catch before. i kept the mom and two kittens for two months until they were old enough to be neutered as well with their mom. the following week I released the mom and adopted the two and named them Yellow and Blue.
I found myself with three young, playful cats that were tearing up everything in my apartment. I decided to buy a cat tree. an ugly piece of furniture that resembles a badly put together tree covered with ropes for scratching.
But I hated the cat trees on sale at the pet stores. i looked at all the products available in the market and other than one or two pieces i hated all.
So I decided to build my cat playhouse in the unused area of my apartment (behind the television and close to the ceiling).
i figured the area behind the television and speakers is away enough from the walls to run the cables and not far enough to use as passage. therefore I would be able to attach a shallow shelving system for the cats to use without risking someone hitting their heads.
so I started with a few shelves and a sleeping platform.
MishMish as always was the front runner, testing the products, knowing all along these are for her.
then came a couple more steps and another platform. the cats were ecstatic!
then we had to turn around and create what I call a tunnel, leading to a ladder and then to another platform.
the kitties loved their playhouse. every weekend i added a new product, one week the cat walk the next weekend a ramp. adding chains, bending plywood, using fabric or stain...
i realized once we get to the ceiling the cats cat rule! a spine of tunnels curving from one end of living room to another carrying track lights while cats walk through it would be an awesome sculpture for my apartment.

and this is how MishMish Vertical Cat Wall System was created.
It is the perfect solution for the sophisticated cat lover who also enjoys her beautiful home. we can all coexist:
We are no crazy cat ladies!

MishMish Vertical Cat Wall System

portion of sales will go to ASPCA, Neghborhood Cats and Bronx Tails.
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