Romantic, delicate jewelry. Tea jewelry

One of the many pearls bracelets
A short glimpse inside the atelier.
Life is an endless tea party. This is Miss B's mantra, and my aim is to create the perfect jewelry for this living.

Delicate, Romantic, Tea Jewelry

Babacilu was first a little girl I draw, with a bob hair cut, pretty friends, loving flowers, balloons, colorful dresses and all the cute things all girls love.

As I tried to set Babacilu and her friends on lockets and filigrees I discovered I could create pieces of costume jewelry. With a family background in which love for clothing and adornments was as natural as breathing, it wasn't difficult for me to realize what I wanted to do.

My designs evolve from every day pieces to more glamorous, statement ones. My aim is to create costume jewelry that will make a lady feel beautiful, when she wears a simple every day outfit but also when she goes to a fabulous party.

My pieces are inspired and created having in mind the image of a tea party, I always try to make them suitable, romantic enough and strong enough to reflect the magic of a joyful day spend in a glamorous careful atmosphere, having the beautiful wind caressing the tea cups and the garden flowers' petals falling as a summer rain.

Yes, they are inspired by the magic that we have around us and they are ment to bring that magic in the life of their wearers.

I can only hope I manage to bring joy and self confidence with each pearl I set along other.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Enjoy the magic and live each day as it would be .. an endless tea party!

* tea clincks *
Ioana M
owner, maker, designer, Shipping
I am the miss behind Miss Babacilu.
Except for my passion for all things jewelry, fine or fashion jewelry and the stories behind them, I am perpetually in love with love stories, Italian nu jazz, the sea side and summer.