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2 months

The Balance Collection, inspired by my 17 year old son as he navigates matters of the heart with depth, mindfulness and bravery.

6 months

This was this weekends project. Verdigris can be frustrating after working metal to the point where a beautiful blue patina developed... Only to pop off in sections as it was being sealed. I'm going to sand it down and retreat with more blue!

7 months

OH this was fun! I got to fondle turquoise, pyrite and hammered metal bits for this latest round of therapy!

10 months

I'm so excited to have a handful of cut, filed, tumbled river patterned copper ready for colors! I'm thinking burgundy patina with a touch of aqua shimmer today.....

10 months

Lots of brushing and sealing to do! I'll be in the garage most of the day but hope to get back to the computer tonight.

11 months

I am ecstatic to share that I once again have a full work bench & patina table set up! I have been hammering hard for 2 straight weeks to make up for lost time. Please enjoy these hand forged, hand finished, recycled metal components to design with. :)

2 years

Vintage Summer! Soft, feminine, nostalgic....

2 years

I am so excited my idea worked with this fabulous chevron style chain! Raw brass, measured out to a glorious 2 inch length, handmade jump rings sized to fit the tops, soldered on for a secure dangle then treated to a lovely pale verdigris patina!

2 years

Missficklemedia gives in to the sparkle of gold....