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1 month

My newest collect of Artisan designs, featured on a handmade leather clutch.

2 months

I heart️ this style bag! I still have a couple of them available in my shop. Check them out!

3 months

All new sale items, just added! Enjoy an extra discount on sale items, for a limited time! No coupon code needed.

3 months

Coming Soon! Leather cosmetic makeup bags!

4 months

This custom ordered black patent leather purse turned out quite lovely, don’t you think?

5 months

Who says that black and brown don't "go" together? This custom leather crossbody strap turned out just fine!

6 months

Custom leather cross body strap options, now available!

8 months

Up next.. one of my Best Sellers..

9 months

Time for some more hand-cut leather fringe!

10 months

Here's a little heart️ Save extra on Everything available!

10 months

I just love the smell of a new handmade leather bag. Don't you?

1 year

After holding on to this beautiful embossed leather hide for 3 years, I finally decided to make a few limited edition bags from it. Stay tuned..

1 year

I'm just curious of who's bag I'm working on? Where will it end up? What's the new owner like? What else is in her lovely closet? Oh, well.. back to work I go.

1 year

On the menu: Leather Fringe Hobo Shoulder Bag with Studs! Coming soon..

1 year

She's all finished! I welcome you to visit my shop and read all about her.

1 year

Up next! A work/ travel bag. This is a OOAK! There will be no other made. The leather is very dear to me. It's one of the very first leather I ever worked with! This project laid incomplete, as of yesterday! All that's left to build, is the lining.

1 year

Getting back to the basics! "Sasha Sling" hobo handbag. One of my best sellers. Most definitely on trend for Fall 2016, with leopard chenille fabric, bordered with a complimentary leather. Can't wait to meet "her"!