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As seen on the Today Show, in their "Cool Stuff for Kids" segment......
Every applique is traced onto paper, adhered to felt, and carefully cut out (my favorite part of playhouse making!).....
The playhouse walls are assembled.......
And are sewn together with love and a large dash of imagination......
Creating a playhouse that will be loved and remembered forever!

A child's imagination come to life!

Something magical happens when a child sees a playhouse. Their eyes light up and their smiles appear! "Wow, look at that cool little house". You can almost see their imaginations come to life.

"Let's play house! You be the mom, I'll be the Dad!" "Let's play castle! You be the princess, I'll be the prince!" Sound familiar? If you have children, you probably hear these things all the time. These conversations are among the happiest memories I have of my kids!

Children are naturally drawn to the magical art of make believe. But, did you know it's more than just fun? Creating a make believe space, playing dress up, and reenacting stories can play key roles in child development. My playhouses and toys encourage your child to dream and imagine and grow through play.

When I was 8 years old, I made a hideous tie for my dad and he wore it to work the next day. Making that tie sparked my love of sewing, and it has never died. Years later, I inherited a sewing machine, and that was that! Lots of practice, trial and error, an enormous fascination with machine applique, and here I am. I have sewn for fun since I was a child. I have also sewn for profit for over 25 years, making apparel, quilts, doll clothes and more.

When my nieces were young (nearly 15 years ago!), I designed and created my popular Little Red Playhouse that was recently featured on the Today Show. I immediately fell in love with making these little houses and, for many years, sold them successfully at fine arts and craft fairs. Four years ago, as an "older" mom, I pulled out all my playhouse patterns and started sewing them again. My sister, Jill, encouraged me to start selling them online. Now, my beloved hobby is my full time job. I am at home every day, creating a world filled with wonder for my kids and for your kids.

My First Playhouse has been featured, among others, on the Today Show, Babble, Canadian Family Magazine, Simplicity Pattern Catalogs, Fashion Fusion Magazine as well countless blogs.

I am honored that Etsy plays such a big part in my business, and I am so happy to share my love of imaginative play with all of you. Stay tuned, there are BIG things happening for my little shop, and I am anxious to share them with you!

In order to continue making and selling these playhouses, I have hired an outstanding local seamstress (WS) to help me a few hours a week with the sewing, and another helper who assists me with the teepee cutting. We work together in my own home and her work is under my direct supervision at all times. The loving handmade nature of these playhouses is my number one priority, and together J and I sew magical childhood memories!!
owner, maker, designer
Creativity and color! That is what I am all about. The good looking guy next to me is my husband, under a swim noodle rainbow on our wedding day. (Long story!) We're a great team, and my business and life would be nothing without him.
Katie and Billy
My own kids, and my best inspiration for my playhouses and toys.
Alyssa and Emmie
My nieces!