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An Eccentric Lil Carnival of Craft and Magic

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Note from shop owner Hello, Everyone! With many pressing personal obligations to fulfill and with the need to restock various items, Mistrova Artworx will be on vacation until further notice. Thank you for your patience!

Note from shop owner

Last updated on Dec 18, 2019

Hello, Everyone! With many pressing personal obligations to fulfill and with the need to restock various items, Mistrova Artworx will be on vacation until further notice. Thank you for your patience!


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♥ Mistrova Artworx. My strange, bewitched, eccentric artistic lil world...! It's an honor to have you here. Slowly, but surely, I'm building my shop. More and more will be added as the weeks pass. In the meantime, I'd like to welcome you, and I hope you enjoy what you see and purchase here!
♥ Mistrova Artworx is a good ole fashioned independent Mom & Pop Shoppe type outlet, specializing in the Witchcrafted and Handcrafted. From incenses of antiquity to tea blends to curious handmade creatures and dollies to apothecary. Much of my art is in a distressed or vintage'esque style. Everything you see here (except for items obtained directly from Nature) is created and produced right here in my home. I make my own labels, and I find much pleasure creating various types of packaging. I tend to get some of my supplies for my packaging from smaller more independent local places, so don't be surprised if the packaging on items changes from time to time. Places like these don't always carry certain items on a continual basis, and besides- I love to mix it up. I love to surprise customers with a nice personalized touch to the housing of what they've ordered. I also appreciate versatility, and try to create packaging that can be reused for other things. Speaking of which...Please be sure to reuse and/or recycle any and all packaging whenever possible. We've got one home, and every lil bit helps. Treat the beautiful Earth with kindness and respect. ♥
♥ As mentioned in the shop owner's section, I'm a mother of three and artist from the Midwest. I've been a Witch since the age of 16. My experiences and practices over the last 30 years run deep into the natural arts, span several philosophies and I consider myself to be an 'exoticist'. My art matches my variant personality as my practices are rooted and influenced of many paths, flavors..They're lovingly intertwined and presented in an array of expression, which you will find here.
♥ Although new to Etsy, I've been vending and selling for many years. I'm also an abstract painter and have been contracted with a few galleries in the past, which has been an additional joy in my life. I plan on contracting with a gallery again in the future, but right now, I'm heavily focused Mistrova Artworx and am enjoying it each and every day. I've also enjoyed baking and having been called upon to make cakes and cupcakes for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions for dear friends and for others through word of mouth.
♥ I must touch on some dynamics that are not exactly comfy, but they must be addressed.
Much of what I make are curios. As we all know, online shopping can be a gamble- especially with products of this nature. And while I strive to create and sell the best products I can and I want nothing more than happy, satisfied customers- I am perfectly aware not everyone will like what they buy. It happens sometimes. And constructive, respectful criticism is acceptable. But there are those out there who have raised defrauding sellers and personally attacking them to an art of their own. So, allow me to be very clear. Because of the nature of these products, I do not allow for exchanges and/or refunds. Please respect this. If you make an impulse buy, it is your responsibility. If you do not like the product or have buyer's remorse because of frivolity, please do not trash and defame it, my shop or me in a review. Trashing someone's work in a public review because of something you are at fault for is defamation and crossing a serious line. You are literally interfering with someone's livelihood and business. Buying a product just to then demand a refund citing false claims about it is nothing but unabashed outright theft. There is no tolerance for such deeds here. Please think before you do something like this. It is unjust and unfair to the artists and their other customers.
♥ I do, however, allow refunds in one specific case, and that is damage caused by the transit process. This is absolutely acceptable and completely understandable. You must have solid evidence of this. I photograph each shipment (inside of the box with its contents and the outside of the box) for insurance purposes. If your package is damaged, please contact me and provide photos/video, so that I can then provide them to the shipment provider. If it is at all possible to do an exchange on a product due to damage caused by a shipment provider, I shall.

☥ ~A Note About Kyphi: Misconceptions and Tips~ ☥

☥ There are some misconceptions about Kyphi I'd like to clear up. Some are under the impression that Kyphi has to be soft and have a "chewy" texture to be viable, and if Kyphi has solidified and is difficult to cut that it is no longer any good. The truth is- BOTH ways are sound. The idea that Kyphi must be of a softer, stickier and purely cuttable grade is generally a Western misgiving. I'm not sure why this is, or what started this notion which somehow filtered into Europe and America, but after months of research and much communication with generational Kyphi makers, this must be rectified. Kyphi is at its ideal when more like a pebble than a wad of gum.

☥ The process of creating Kyphi involves the science of chemistry. Curing this incense of antiquity is the process of removing moisture and increasing the viscosity of the Kyphi's resins and other components. If the incense is wet/goopy or hasn't solidified enough the result is a mess of bubbling and scorching and quite the unpleasant scent. The Kyphi has to be properly dried in order for the resins and other components to produce that magical scent we've come to love so much. Curing time varies. Old school Kyphi makers in the middle East will cure their Kyphi for three to six months, sometimes even longer, but the absolute minimum is roughly two weeks. This would be for pea sized pellets like that of the ancient days, or for some ground/loose Kyphi recipes. Larger units will take longer. There is no such thing as "fresh" Kyphi, unless you consider units "fresh" off the drying rack after a good 3 to 4 week curing period. At this point the Kyphi is ready for burning, still has somewhat of a "chewy" texture and can be cut with a sharp knife if one chooses not to burn the unit in whole. But Kyphi- no matter how it is housed- will always eventually solidify. It continues to cure on its own. This is its nature, and the absolute science of this ancient incense. The longer it cures, the better. And with some of my Kyphis, additional resins and dried herbs have been blended into an already heavily fortified mixture. This will result in further solidification. If the Kyphi you purchase is in this highly cured stage, a simple but firm tap with a food mallet or handle of a butter knife will break it into pieces.

☥ There are Kyphis available in various shapes, sizes that are traditional and that of specialty- both here, and elsewhere. But rest assured- as long as the Kyphi is properly created with an excellent recipe and quality ingredients, either end stages of eventual curing are perfectly acceptable.

☥ As previously mentioned, as long as it's properly housed, the Kyphi will maintain its quality and longevity. Here are some tips on maintaining a healthy shelf life for Kyphi...
☥ Keep the incense out of direct sunlight. This will slowly and discreetly "cook" the resins causing them to lose potency and scent intensity.
☥ Keep away from excess heat- this causes the same problem as sunlight exposure.
☥ Avoid humidity. This will cause the incense to revert to a dampened stage that not only can cause spoiling of the dried herbs and fruits, it also compromises the resins and the scent produced by lowering its viscosity. Dampened Kyphi can also mold.
☥ The best way to house Kyphi is to place it inside a lidded glass jar and keep it in a drawer, or a cabinet avoiding the dynamics listed above. Amber glass jars are the ideal storage container for Kyphi.

☥ *A Note on Burning*~ Burning Kyphi on charcoal can be tricky. If a disc is used whole, the intense heat will scorch the incense quickly, especially if it's a small piece of incense. You'll want to break the charcoal disc into pieces. A smaller piece will burn the Kyphi more evenly and longer, producing less heat which will prevent unnecessary scorching. I like to use a piece of charcoal that is as close to the size of the piece of Kphyi I intend to burn. It is also an ancient method to set the charcoal on top of sand inside a fire safe container. Try it and see if you like it. :) Just be sure to use natural sand that has no dyes or chemical preservatives or scents added.

☥ *A Note on Heaters*~ Incense heaters are a wonderful alternative to use for Kyphi. Especially for those with asthma or sensitivities to smoke. Although I've found that traditional Kyphi (like 'Temple' and 'Heka') does quite well in an electric heater, some specialty Kyphis are strangely hit or miss using this method. I cannot guarantee the heater will always deliver the fully intended essence of a specialty Kyphi. I'm not sure why this is. I recently used an electric heater for my 'Isis' Kyphi. While it released the underlying essence of the recipe, it did not result in the same intense scent of ground rose and cardamom released when burning it on charcoal. I recommend using charcoal to burn specialty Kyphi because of this, so be advised if you do purchase a specialty Kyphi that using an electric heater for them might not always produce the exact results intended.

⚜ ~ A Note About My Voodoo Dolls ~ ⚜

⚜ While some authentic elements are incorporated into the designs and in adornments, the Voodoo style dolls that I create and sell are purely for the artistic and aesthetic appreciation of these iconic figures.

⚜ While I cannot control how these dolls are treated or used after they've been purchased, I absolutely do NOT create them for magical purposes. That is the right for the initiated, and if you are seeking a doll of this nature, please seek them from the appropriate person(s).

⚜ I do ask that all who purchase my dollies respect the ancient religion of Voodoo and if you do not know much about it, please educate yourself on the subject, and be sure to be quite discerning when doing so. Voodou is a very misunderstood religion which has been unjustly demonized, and unfortunate as it is...there is a lot of misinformation out there. So take measures in making sure the information is accurate.

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