mitchrobot4's Shop Announcement

i am open to painting inquiries and the like, i'll practically do anything for money. and when i say anything, i mean ANYTHING.

actually, don't ask me to paint you boring stuff like pictures of babies. i hate babies. or labradors, hate those too.

and please take a look at my over priced awesome and tiny store. God knows it beats the pants off of that jerk that's selling shitty miniature paintings of min-pins or landscapes. mine has a bigfoot. ill be adding more as i get to making more stuff.

i plan on making and selling a handful of hand sculpted fetal things, dia de los muertos skulls, more mini paintings, and other random shit.

dont be jerks. buy my stuff. i could use the cash.

open to trades for baked goods and other shitty bigfoot, zombie or alien art.
thank you,
the captain.