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Dear International customers, due to the postage rates going up astronomically I will have to increase shipping as we cannot afford the $4+ difference per package, I am so sorry, I hope you continue to stay with us cause we LOVE you! :)

What sets Mixology Makeup apart from all other mineral lines? Well my dears, our colors are Unique and 1 of a kind! We are 100% handmade Vegan makeup! Mixology is the healthy makeup alternative. Pure Vegan Mineral Makeup with NO cheap fillers, chemicals, synthetic dyes(the culprits for most allergic reactions), parabens, nano-particles, or preservatives. Perfect for sensitive skin, acne, rosacea, & non pore clogging! Bismuth & Carmine Free! All dry ingredients so bacteria can not grow (if kept dry). Don't miss out on this exciting line!
PRESS*** Part of the 2009 Emmy Awards & The Hollywood Awards!
- GOLD for best green (eco friendly) makeup
- SILVER for best eye shadows - runner up to Bobbi Brown!
- SILVER for best powder eye liners - runner up to Bare Minerals!
- SILVER for best illuminizers - runner up to B.M!
- BRONZE for best powder blushes - runner up to Nars and B.M!

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