MJ42's Shop Announcement

My intention as your glassblower is to co-create some of the manifestations that may help along your lifepath. I forge in the elements of Earth, Air and Fire. The glass I use is basically a very refined form of beach sand. It is heated to liquid form in a blend of fire, oxygen and fuel gas with full intentions of love, happiness, peace, flow and now. Please be conscious of your intentions and share your gratefulness with your universe as this hand forged piece of glass begins its journey in your story and beyond.

Welcome to MJ42 Glass! This is only one of the three Etsy MJ42 Glass shops. To find the best shops for your interests, please head on over to:

This shop includes not only my own glasswork, but the work of other glassblowers from Austin and Asheville. All of us are independent artists and make a living by blowing glass. Thank you for supporting MJ42 Glass and keeping independent handmade art alive!

And now please checkout the new MJ42 Glass Color Guide to see the spectrum of my colors!!

Peace, Love and Light
Seren Petrichor

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.