modernmagicks' Shop Announcement

Modern Magicks offers a range of whimsical sculptures, artwork and jewellery that embraces the sense that magic surrounds us and is just beyond our ability to perceive. From gremlins and fairies that interfere with your code or tangle your headphone cables, to modern evolutions of bookworms that feed upon twitter streams and SMS messages, our creations embody the slogan “Modern Folklore for Modern Folk”.

Created from a range of up-cycled electronic components, wire, plastics and glass, our creations reflect a very modern take on the stories of the malevolent spirits that plague mankind. Their range of items includes captured fairies in jars, mini bookworm sculptures and representations of cravings along with a selection of occult inspired jewellery designed to ward off these modern magical menaces.

Feel free to come over to message me and find out more about the technothaumaturgical world that we inhabit or to buy one of our captured specimens.