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rings. necklaces. bracelets.
body jewelry. body harnesses. body chains.
finger chains. finger harnesses.
bib necklaces. collar necklaces.
recyclable aluminium jewelry.
chic, tribal-inspired, kitschy, urban, minimalist, modern, raw designs.

We were featured on FASHIONOLOGIE.COM!

◪ Each moderntribes design is handmade by me from recyclable scrap aluminium & is environmentally friendly!
◪ Each piece is UNIQUE & handcrafted individually so no two are 100% alike.

*Custom designs available - please convo.


Aluminium is actually nickel-free and is a relatively non-reactive, non-ferric metal.
It is more lightweight than silver and maintains its shine longer.

It only tarnishes (oxidizes) when the surface coating is worn off and comes into contact with some form of acidic liquids. This process of oxidization actually protects the metal from further oxidization and does not significantly change its color. Aluminium is not prone to oxidation.

My designs incorporate the raw aesthetic of scrap aluminium, with its characteristic flaws and surface finishes. If you like jewelry with an edge, you will love your moderntribes piece!