monapaints' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Monapaints -a shop of one-of-a-kind artful items.
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I do not assign sizes to my wearable art pieces, but measurements are included in the description of each item. Compare your own measurements to those in the item description. You may always e-mail or call me if you are unsure about the size of an item you lust for!
Get your self a measuring tape...don't guess! and take your measurements.

Bust- measure the fullest part of your bust...bust measurement is different from bra might wear a size 36 bra, but your bust measures 40...see why this measurement is important?!
Waist- Let's not depress ourselves...I rarely make anything with a waist, so you can skip this step if you want!
Hip- measure around your hips about 5 inches down from your waist....geez, just do one's gonna see this but you!
Shoulder- this is important if you have broad shoulders, otherwise you can skip this step.
Arm length- measure from edge of shoulder to wrist. I am happy to shorten sleeves prior to shipping at no fee....but if you don't know your sleeve length it will cost you money to ship it back for adjustment.
Length- It's nice to know how long a shirt needs to be if you want it to cover your measure from shoulder to whatever needs covering!

NOW, PUT THESE IN A SAFE PLACE, LIKE IN YOUR WALLET...right next to your credit card for easy shopping!