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Announcement   Presenting Glow in the Dark Artisan Creations to Stimulate All of the Senses of Bliss! Wishing you Wonderful days of Joy!
All Artworks are modestly price. Offers are considered.


Last updated on Nov 13, 2017

Presenting Glow in the Dark Artisan Creations to Stimulate All of the Senses of Bliss! Wishing you Wonderful days of Joy!
All Artworks are modestly price. Offers are considered.

Baby Monster

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Baby Monster


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Monster Magic Metaphysical offers Orgone Pyramids, Rare and Choice Crystals, Pendulums, Pendants, Pyramids, Wands, Altar Instruments and other unique tools for transformation, meditation, visualization, and divination.

Elevate your Mind, Body, and Spirit Energy with MonsterOrgone. MonsterOrgone Pyramids and Instruments provide natural Orgone Energy for Healing and Vitality. The composition of the elements contained within an monsterorgone transforms the surrounding environment with positive energy by activating, providing, and magnifying the characteristics of the elements a monsterorgone contains.

MonsterOrgone Glow in the Dark Pyramids and are Programmed with Many High Vibration Frequencies. MonsterOrgone combines the Characteristics of Orgone, Crystal, Frequency, Color, Aesthetic, Symbol, Totem, and Light to Maximize Meditations, Visualizations, and Metaphysical Experiences.

MonsterOrgone contain several choice and rare crystals plus many precious metals including Silver and Gold. Natural Minerals are included to create a Glow in the Dark Illumination. Totems and Characters are composed to create an ethereal scene, a focal point, or to motivate meditations. Charge MonsterOrgone under sun light for an hour or more for best night time glow.

MonsterOrgone is Art Work designed as a Metaphysical Tool to stimulate many benefits such as: Mood Enhancing, Increasing Daily Productivity, Improve Thinking Clarity, Resonate a Peaceful Environment, Facilitate Deeper Meditation, Promote Restful Sleep, Prayer Manifesting Success, Clear Chakra blockage, Encourage Lucid Dreaming and Recollection, Inspire a Pleasant Demeanor, Expand Consciousness, Enhance Psychic Awareness, Maximize Cosmic Ordering Success and Manifestation, Increase Focus and Concentration, Balance Happy Moods, Expand Psychic Clairvoyance, Transform Negative energies into Positive Energy, Making you Smile :)

MonsterOrgone are Created and Programmed under Sunlight with 6 hours of various Frequencies during the cure process: Gaia 7.83Hz (Protection from Negative Energy), Love Signal 528 Hz / Theta 6 Hz Binaural, Sun-Earth Pulse 126.22 Hz Schumann Resonance, 7 Chakra Meditation Balancing and Healing - Root to Crown, Pineal Gland Activation Brainwave Binaural, Powerful Concentration Focus and Meditation - Gamma 40 Hz, Solfeggio Harmonics 741 Hz Consciousness Expansion, 8.3 Hz Alpha Brainwaves for Psychic Intuition, Psychic Frequency, Christ Consciousness Frequency and Isochronic Tones, Telekinetic Maximum Infusion Frequency, Psychokinesis and Telekinesis Brainwave Entertainment, Eternal Om, Powerful Christ Consciousness Brainwave - Connect to Higher Self, Telekinetic Frequency, Telekinetic Frequency V2 MAX.

MonsterOrgone is Artwork designed to provide a source of Orgone Energy, Projection of Frequencies for healing and vitality, Chakra Stimulation, Crystal and Light Source, as well as a pleasant Aesthetic Character. The several precious metals and the mixture of many choice crystals, which are contained within the monsterorgone matrix, are providing crystal energy and a standard level of Orgone. MonsterOrgone are designed as a diverse metaphysical tool for many kinds of Meditations, Altars, and Light Work. Most people say that when holding their palm over the point of a standard size MonsterOrgone, they can feel a 'tiny breeze' of energy swirling.

MonsterOrgone is rated in Zones to describe the level of Orgone:

Zone 1 – Personal, Pocket, or Purse Size
Zone 2 – Counter, Car, or Desk Size
Zone 3 – Room (Bed or Bath), Standard, or Altar Size
Zone 4 – Studio, Living Area, Standard, or Office Size
Zone 5 - House, Small Business, or Garden Size
Zone 6 – Gym, Club, or Business Size
Zone 7 – Building, Park, or Sky Cleaner Size

If you would like to place a hold on artworks for up to 10 days, please send a message and your request will be held for you as mentioned. Please read shop policies and no Return policy. Returns must be received within 1 week. All items are modestly priced although offers are considered. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day. Many Blessings :)

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