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.My love of the natural world is inspiration for my creations. Moons, stars,sun ,and a variety of celestial designs are also among my favorites. I create everything from tree frogs to star dancers! My creations have always been a tribute to the Natural world. A reminder of how precious a gift it is and I strive to convey that through my creations!

I create all the jewelry using a variety of metals. Niobium , Sterling silver, bronze, and copper . I love to experiment with different metals, and techniques .

EVERY JEWELRY CREATION IS DESIGNED AND HAND MADE BY ME.... ONE AT A TIME .... using sheets of metal and a variety of processes...... I design, hand cut, file, shape, solder, polish, color , emboss, personalize, texture & assemble each one ..... no help, just me : ) ... EACH A UNIQUE HAND MADE CREATION!

I have been a full time Artist and Craftsmen for over 40 years, participating in Fine arts & craft shows , galleries,.... and now my online Etsy shop which is so much fun! Always self employed .. doing my own thing : ) I began in the early 1970's creating feather jewelry, Batik fabric painting and Sand Painting that I learned in the Southwest N Mexico.

I have also been a member of various art show advisory boards and committees. Three Rivers Arts Festival & A Fair in the Park , Pgh Pa. to name a few.

Growing up in Pittsburgh. and being the nature lover that I am... I was a volunteer at the National Aviary . As a volunteer, for 6 of those years I created & was the show Coordinator of the Wings & Wildlife Art Show which then became a National renowned Wildlife Art Show.
.. due to the success of that event I was hired to Coordinate the Jamestown Audubon Society Nature Art Show & Sale in Jamestown NY.... So my life has always been centered around the arts & nature.
As a child my parents always encourage self expression and creativity ! To this day I am still forever grateful to them both for their guidance and love.

Niobium is hand colored with electricity! It is the best metal for sensitive skin. HYPOALLERGENIC METAL , very light weight and comfortable!

*Niobium jewelry. Beautiful peacock blues and greens! Niobium NB is a beautiful refractory metal. The colors result from a coating on oxide over the metal surface. The metal appears colored because the oxide coating is transparent, and causes interference in the light rays reflected from the metal. this is called optical interference.
A similar effect is produced and can be seen in rainbows, soap bubbles, butterfly and bird wings, and oil on water. The illusion of color you see depends on the thickness of the oxide layer. Oxide is produced by anodizing. The metal is immersed into a water bath through which an electric current is passed
. Each piece of jewelry is created and colored individually with care. Niobium is hypo-allergenic, even for the most sensitive skin. it is also light weight and comfortable to wear!

I ship first class and with tracking . I usually ship within 3 to 5 business days.. please keep in mind that I alone make each piece of jewelry one at a time with care and dedication to create my best for you.............. Enjoy shopping .... : ) Joanie

Each item you order comes includes a gift box and my artist biography paper. If you want to send a gift I would include a personalized card for you. Just ask.

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