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Note from shop owner CLOSED TO GET CAUGHT UP. Feel free to convo me! ~ Karen... Intuitive card readings for self-exploration, relationships, work, creativity, spirituality, serenity. Over 30 years experience with Tarot & astrology. Insight & guidance to help you make empowered choices to create your future.

Note from shop owner

Last updated on Oct 18, 2016

CLOSED TO GET CAUGHT UP. Feel free to convo me! ~ Karen... Intuitive card readings for self-exploration, relationships, work, creativity, spirituality, serenity. Over 30 years experience with Tarot & astrology. Insight & guidance to help you make empowered choices to create your future.


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I am pleased to offer you intuitive Tarot readings by email!

I've been studying Tarot and astrology, reading cards and charts, for over 30 years. I studied psychology and mythology in my formal education, and worked as a professional counselor for years, with a focus on healing through art, ritual, and stories. My readings tend to be psychological and spiritual in focus.

I am intuitive and empathic, and bring my intuition, empathy, knowledge, and experience to your reading. I avoid the word 'psychic' because it is too often misused and means different things to different people.

My role as a Tarot reader and astrologer is to help you explore and understand yourself and the situation so that you can make better choices. Tarot readings encourage reflection and can give you a fresh perspective and deeper insight to help you with your journey through life. They offer guidance but are not intended to tell you what to do! I hope they will help you think about yourself and your choices, which are yours alone.

The present moment contains the past and the seeds of the future, which is why Tarot works. But I believe in free will, not predetermination. While readings usually point to a probable outcome, I do not claim to "predict." I read the energies in the present moment, which will interact with free will to create the future.

As I believe all our experiences and choices are part of a spiritual journey, my readings have a spiritual and psychological focus, although I try to keep them grounded and practical as well. For me the spiritual and practical are hand in hand.

THE CARDS: I find Tarot cards a powerful tool for accessing energy and channeling insight. Although my vintage Albano-Waite I found at age 15 is still my "go to" deck, I've collected quite a few decks over the years. If you're interested, browse my shop or convo me to find the deck that connects best with you. (For example, the Bohemian Gothic deck is excellent for Shadow readings.)

Several of my decks are vintage or antique. I also work with an Astrological Oracle and Druid Animal Oracle. and sometimes a rare, fascinating French Grand Etteilla I bought in an antique bookshop in Paris 20 years ago!

ASTROLOGY: I often use astrology to enhance my Tarot readings. It's optional, but it allows me to look at your astrological profile and interpret your cards with an extra bit of astrological insight. I also offer more detailed astrological readings including birthchart reports, relationship readings, and current transits.

My ethical guidelines for reading (and for life in general) can be summed up by "An it harm none, do what ye will" and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I strive always to be honest and respectful in my dealings with clients. While I do charge reasonably for my services, before a reading I always focus on my primary intention as a reader, which is to offer help. Before your reading, I find my quiet center, focus on you, and ask for guidance in communicating what you need to hear at this moment.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to do a reading for you. Every reading is done by me personally, with cards in my hands, and interpreted by me personally just for you. I will tell you what I see, with honesty and compassion. I have learned (sometimes the hard way) to trust my intuition and trust the cards.

I am required by law to state:
By ordering a reading you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age!

I am not a medical professional, practicing psychologist, attorney, or financial adviser. For assistance with medical concerns, mental illness, legal issues, or serious financial difficulties, please seek the advice of a professional in these fields. I cannot in good conscience provide readings for such questions. :-)

Thanks for visiting! If you have questions you're welcome to convo me.

I also create beaded fabric purses/bags perfect for your Tarot cards, ritual items, charms, trinkets and treasures!

More about me personally: My etsy Profile



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    Why Morning Moon? It reminds me of seeing the pale moon in the early morning sky with my son when he was little. And of how he would later point to the "morning moooooon." It symbolizes intuition coming into the light of day. And it's pretty to say!

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Last updated on April 18, 2016
Hi! I'm glad you're here. If you're not sure which reading is most appropriate, see my FAQs below, or convo me and I'll be happy to help you find the best reading for your concerns!

You can find more about me on my Profile page:

I respect your privacy. I do NOT share your information with anyone else. I appreciate your business and your trust.

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I accept payment by credit card (direct checkout) and paypal.
READINGS: All readings are sent by email (convo), to the email address associated with your etsy account. I can send your reading to a different email address at your request.

You will receive a digital photo of your actual card spread along with my reading/interpretation for you.

TIME FRAME: Feel free to convo me if you want a time estimate before ordering! My goal is to send your reading within 3-5 business days. However, sometimes there is a longer wait because I have many readings scheduled and/or too much going on here at the house! (And I don't usually read on weekends.)

I want to give YOUR reading the attention and time it deserves, without being rushed or stressed. I can't do too many readings in one day or my energy will burn out, but please rest assured I will do yours as soon as possible... If I think your reading may be significantly delayed, I will convo you and let you know.

I ship quickly by US Postal Service! I ship within 1-2 business days -- usually I'll mail your order the same or next business day. Please remember that international orders (outside the U.S.) may take longer to arrive, and that all customs fees, etc., that may be assessed by your country are the buyer's responsibility. :-)
Refunds and Exchanges
If there's an issue, let's communicate and work things out. I promise I will always do my best to treat you the way I would like to be treated myself!

READINGS: Because a digital item cannot be returned, and neither can the time and energy I put into your reading :-) , I don't normally offer refunds for readings. However, if you are truly unsatisfied with your order, please let me know. I will do all I can to make it right.

BAGS: I'm glad to accept returns on bags, if you contact me within 3 days of delivery (if purchased as a gift I realize there may be a longer time-frame required). I do ask that you contact me first before making a return. If I made a mistake, sent the wrong item (yikes!), etc., I will of course pay for the cost of return shipping. For other reasons, I resolve issues on a case by case basis.
Additional policies and FAQs
If you have a single question, a three-card Tarot reading will often be appropriate. If you would like to explore a single area of concern (such as love or work) with more detail, including what is helping you and hurting you, advice and probable outcome, choose the seven-card "Star" Tarot reading. For the most in-depth exploration of your situation, the Celtic Cross Tarot reading is "tried and true" and nearly always helpful. Please always feel free to convo me for help in choosing a reading!

I offer "two paths" and "what if" readings that can help with choices and decisions by exploring the energies and probable outcomes of each path.

Any of the readings above can focus on love and relationships. However, I also offer a couple of more "specialized" readings in this area. My Relationship Tarot reading explores energies of the two people involved as well as the relationship between them. If your concern involves possible reunion with an ex, my "Should We Reconcile" Tarot Reading will help you understand your motivations for reconciliation, past dynamics, current obstacles, and likely outcome.

For SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE, any and all of my readings are appropriate. My readings always tend to have a psychological and spiritual focus, so they are particularly appropriate for exploring aspects of yourself and gaining insight and guidance along your spiritual journey. My Spirit Guides Tarot reading is designed to give you messages in this regard, such as what you need to remember, what you need to do, as well as a heart blessing and card for your spirit guide. You can combine a Spirit Guides reading with any of the other readings above!

The large Gypsy House 21-card Tarot reading is my variation of a traditional reading that looks at many different areas of life. It is a grand overview, when you want a general look at your current energies rather than addressing a specific question. It can help you decide where to focus your energies. I can also do a Zodiac Houses reading based on the 12 houses of the zodiac, which represent various areas of life.

A SHADOW reading helps you explore the darker, hidden aspects of yourself, or the hidden, darker aspects of a situation. We're talking PSYCHOLOGICAL dark -- your shadow is the part of yourself you deny or resist looking at. This type of reading is best suited for inner work, self-knowledge, spiritual growth and guidance.

Perhaps the most important FAQ. The "answers" you receive from Tarot will often depend on how you phrase the questions. Often, clients will ask a question about what will happen or what someone else will do, or what someone else is thinking, or a very general question such as Will I ever find love? These are not the most helpful types of questions...

Best are questions that focus on what you can learn or what you can do in the situation. If you are concerned about a relationship in your life, a good question might be, What can I do to strengthen this relationship? or What are the underlying issues here that I need to see? If you have questions about your career, one example of a helpful question would be, What do I need to know in order to achieve my goals? In fact, asking "What do I need to know about (whatever your concern)" is probably the most useful and powerful question you can ask in Tarot.

These are just examples, but I hope they give you some guidance. The best questions -- and by best I mean most helpful for you -- focus on what you can learn and what you can do, rather than simply trying to "predict" specific events or focusing on someone else.

It is also helpful to give your question a time-frame. For example, rather than asking Will we ever be together? or Will I ever find true love?, it would be best to have a period of time in mind -- whether a month, a year, or ten years -- because "ever" is a very long time! And speaking of timing... all good readers will tell you this is the trickiest part of Tarot, even with years of experience. I prefer not to do specific "When" questions. Adding astrological transits helps, but it's always tricky and changeable.

I am happy to answer the occasional Yes/No question. Sometimes that is all you need. A one- to three-card card reading is enough for a Yes/No. But...

But wouldn't you usually prefer a little more information? If all you ask is Yes/No questions, you will miss out on most of what Tarot has to offer. Yes/No questions tend to be closed and fatalistic. Open-ended questions that allow for Why? and How? and What If? can lead to profound insight and empowered choices in your life. That's what it is about: insight and empowered choices.

Yes, I am happy to answer follow up questions to help clarify your reading. If you don't understand something in the reading, please do ask! I tend to let words flow when I'm doing a reading, and sometimes my readings get long. So if I need to rephrase something or clarify something I said, I hope you will let me know.

I do not use the word "psychic" to describe myself. That word means so many different things to different people. I prefer to avoid it, because it is so often misunderstood and misused.

I prefer to call myself "intuitive." We all have intuition, but some people have especially strong intuitive abilities and are especially sensitive to the psychic energies that surround us. I have always been highly intuitive and empathic. This is a natural "talent" or sensitivity (you can see it clearly in my astrology chart!) but also a skill that I have developed through practice. Tarot cards and astrology charts provide a focus, a medium, a language of symbols. I read and interpret cards and astrology with intuition, empathy, knowledge and many years of experience. I also use prayer, meditation and ritual in my readings, but there is nothing "supernatural" about them!

When your reading shows a probable outcome or addresses the year ahead, I am predicting energies, not events. Certainly energies influence events. Tarot and astrology can reveal energies at work that make certain outcomes and events more likely. Sometimes much more likely.

But I believe in free will, which means the future is unwritten. It can still change. It WILL depend at least partly on the choices of everyone involved. So I personally do not believe that anyone can predict future events with certainty. My readings focus on energies that influence events, not the events themselves.

I do believe that the present moment contains the ripples of the past and the seeds of the future, which is how Tarot works. Through Tarot, I read the energies of the present moment, which contains the past and future, and these interact with free will to create "what happens." Some situations are more influenced by free will than others, but it is always there!

Most reputable readers - even the ones who use the label "psychic" - will tell you basically the same thing: free will is always a factor. They will also tell you that exact timing is very difficult. Notice I said "reputable"!

I hear it a lot: What good is information about the past or present? All I want to know is what will happen!

First of all, the future always has much more uncertainty than the past or the present, and so is always harder to read and always less clear. That's just the way it is. The future is not written yet. It can still be influenced and changed. It always has a degree of uncertainty. I know that's not what you want to hear, but there it is.

Because the future grows from the energy of the present, which reflects and contains the energies of the past.

Because understanding the past and the present will help you to make better, more empowered choices, which can help you create the future you want!

Most importantly, clarifying the past and the present helps you understand YOURSELF better -- your desires, your motivations, your shadows, how your choices have created and are creating the life you have and the life you will have.

Yes, your choices will influence the future -- your free will always interacts with whatever energies are present -- that is the good part of an uncertain future! I hope my readings will give you insight and understanding that will empower you to create a better future for yourself.

Blessings to you and yours,

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