motheroflondon's Shop Announcement

This is an official dealer for Mother of London clothing and pieces, the only of it's kind available to the public.

Since 2007, Mother of London has tailored exclusively to private clients and industry. Due to popular public demand for our product, we will be selling showroom samples through this outlet.

If you would like to be in touch about film, video, performance or personal projects, or would like to be added to our mailing list for new listings or auctions, please feel free to email Mildred at mildredvon @ yahoo . com

"... a tactile concoction of aristocracy, machismo, elegance and retro-futurism, all tinged with satirical humor. Much of Mother’s influence appears to spring from traditionally-masculine attire; Spanish conquistadors, Japanese sumo wrestlers, promotion-bound Reagan-era businessmen, the hairspray-drenched gods of Metal – all play in a role in the clothing’s imaginative landscape, wrapping the wearer’s form in stories of bravado, conquest and pride. The result is a line that challenges gender identity and the status quo that 'sexy' must be vulgar." - Nadya Lev

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