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This year there are plenty of beach stones to choose from!
This was my very first Beach Wish, the photo was taken from the top of the bluff.
I am fascinated by the variety of beach stones found on our beach.
View from the stairs at the top of the bluff.
My materials- plus my camera, low tide and an empty beach!

Creating positive messages using coastal photo art and beach photography

I started my journey making my beach wishes about 8 years ago when a friend was undertaking a career change. I wanted to give her something unique, with an encouraging message. I realized that I could combine my love of the beach and photography into something positive that I could share with others. That was when I was prompted to make a career change myself. I now have a great variety of beach messages and images to share, and since joining ETSY have found a broader audience.

The perfect time for making beach wishes would be midmorning at low tide, with lots of cantaloupe size stones to choose from. But every year and day is different- and you have to adjust. Some years there is so much seaweed and too many rocks- or sometimes not enough beach stones. One year the stairs on the bluff were washed away- that season was particularly difficult! I like early summer best, before the sea gets riled up with ocean storms. I love to walk the beach throughout the year and I will create messages by writing in the sand during the winter cold. Part of the challenge for me is capturing the unique and matchless beauty of the New England seaside- as it is on a given day, while sharing an encouraging message.

My BeachWishes has grown over the years, but the mission is still the same – creating and sharing unique images of the coast, with optimistic and upbeat messages.
Lynda Hall
owner, maker, designer, curator
My name is Lynda Hall; I am a designer and photo artist living near the beach just south of Plymouth, Ma. I create my BeachWishes with beach stones found along the shoreline and try to pass along a positive message with my images.
myBeachWishes uses 3 manufacturers.


  • photo process lab Albemarle, NC, United States professional photo lab- they print photographs in a variety of sizes and also make canvas panels and wraps.
  • printing company Plymouth, MA, United States Quality local printer with the ability to print large format projects.
  • Professional fabric printer United States Professional printer for fabric items using my original photograph images.

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