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"Photography is the art of capturing the beauty around us and is most enjoyed when shared with others and displayed within view. There is beauty all around us. The question is whether or not one sees it. I think the thing that draws me to a love of photography the most is that it helps me to see the beauty in things all around me that I might not ordinarily take the time to see. We all love the beauty of a sunset, a flower, or a beautiful scenic picture of mountains and a lake. But what about the beauty of the delicate winter frost seen up close on an ordinary section of barbed wire fencing? How about a lonely tree captured against a backdrop of early morning fog? Maybe an old outhouse still standing that represents a bygone era? Or the personality of a shy horse hiding behind a fence rail? I enjoy taking many different kinds of photos, but what I really like most is taking my camera and looking for the things that someone else might not even notice until it is captured in a photo." ~Nikki Weiss