mycrystalstrands' Shop Announcement

Welcome to MyCrystalStrands! Handmade wearable art in many forms! NEW ITEMS on the way for Spring and Summer!

All items are available in Newborn and Toddler sizes. days. Please contact seller if expedited production or delivery is needed. May not be available during Holiday Season. Thank You!

NOTE: For all crochet orders, please check "policies" section of this shop for more details about price, size, and measurements. Or check below for a quick reference.

In this shop, you can find original handcrafted vintage and contemporary styled jewelry, a variety of earring and other accessories. Beautiful vibrant colors, unique designs, created with a variety of crystal, glass, and gem stone beads, combined with assorted metals. Designs created especially for YOU!

Take a look at the great little crochet baby/toddler finds in this shop! Great little gift items or wears for your fashionista bundle!

Three sizes available:
12 months - 5 inch foot length
18 months - 5 1/2 inch foot length
24 months - 6 inch foot length
Height of booties approx. 5 inches

0-3 = 3 1/2 inch foot length
3-6 = 4 inch foot length
6-9 = 4 1/2 foot length
Height of booties approx. 4 1/2 inches

(Booties should be approx. ( 1/2 - 1 inch larger than foot size)

PLEASE NOTE: Sizing may vary slightly, due to the ply of yarn for certain colors. Please contact seller if more customized sizing is necessary.

PRICING FOR LARGER BOOTS: any boots above a 6 inch foot length begin at $45.00 and up. Please inquire with seller for custom fitting.

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Custom jewelry designs for Bride and Bridesmaids are available Contact me with your requests!

I am a lover of The Arts so you will find a variety of jewelry design styles listed. All pieces are made by hand to accent your beauty, complement your fashion sense, strike up a conversation, express your individuality, but most of all to simply make you feel Good!

"He hath made every thing beautiful In his time... Ecclesiastes 3:11." Hope you see something you like and this is the time that it is beautifully magnified in your eyes.

Thank you for Looking and Shopping! Please stop back again!