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The Wilson Family. (September 2014)
Jeff sanding wood on his sanding machine. Each and every piece is sanded by hand.
Jeff slicing up wood. This one is birdseye maple burl.

Building a Dream

It all started with a dream.
What if we could work from home? Spend our days together as a family? Make a living doing what we love? Bring joy to people? Spend more time working on the homestead, so we could grow more food and live more simply?

Mystic Orb was born.

Now Jeff takes beautiful reclaimed woods and turns them into natural jewelry, and creations for the home and garden.

What we wrote before still holds true today:

We are Dad Jeff, Mama Taryn, and Bracken. We live a simple life in the country dedicated to soulful pursuits. It is our intention to follow a quiet path and create gifts of beauty to share with the world and bring joy. Our business, Mystic Orb, is the means to that end. Every piece is handcrafted with all natural materials. We love using local, sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood for many of our creations. Each one is unique and filled with love.

We are grateful to work from home. When we're not in our woodland workshop creating, we are working on the homestead and busy in the garden and kitchen. We love country life and feel grateful for the many joys it brings!

When you buy from Mystic Orb, you are buying unique handcrafted artwork, lovingly made in the Oregon woods and created to last a lifetime. Your support of Mystic Orb allows us to keep creating soulful things and sustains the homestead. Each and every sale helps us create our dreams. Know that when you buy from us, you are supporting three souls living a simple life, spreading joy in every way we can.
Jeff Wilson
owner, designer, maker
Jeff is the carver behind Mystic Orb. Father, husband, gardener, chef, mountain man, overall-wearer, "jerry-rigger" and "jack of all trades."
Taryn Kae Wilson
Photography, Shipping, Handwriting
Bracken Wilson
The Inspiration

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