mzmelody808 is taking a short break.

I will be away from my etsy shop for a little while. I plan to open up shop once again at the end of May.
Look forward to a shop full of new earring designs.

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mzmelody808's Shop Announcement

♥ Bienvenue! to my little shop on Etsy avenue.

♥ Handmade Earrings From MzMelody to You.

♥ Take advantage of my new shop where all of the prices are within your budget!
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It's April and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. You have a closet full of maxi dress, floral prints, and khaki shorts you have been itching to wear all winter. All you need is the perfect pair of earrings to pull it all together. There is no greater feeling than someone telling you how good you look, especially when it's about the way my earrings frame your beautiful face.