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At Naked Beauty we are committed to creating products that are not 80%, not 90%, but 100% safe and toxin free. Along with that we sell our products at an affordable price so that using safe cosmetics doesn’t have to be a luxury.

Naked Beauty Products are all 100% free of any synthetic ingredients. The most sophisticated chemistry in the world happens in the plants we use for health and healing. This is the chemistry that we rely on for making our products not only safe but also healing. The chemistry that we as humans perform only serves to facilitate nature’s chemistry into a usable form.

About the Name:

We chose the name “Naked Beauty” because we wanted to make a statement about what beauty is. We wanted the name to be in contrast with the current concept of beauty promoted by many cosmetics companies which is the idea that beauty is something you don’t already have and require their assistance to achieve. The definition of the word itself carries this meaning; "COSMETICIZE. transitive verb. : to make (something unpleasant or ugly) superficially attractive." ( We make the opposite claim. Naked Beauty means just that; beauty is naked. It doesn’t require anything to be covered up or fixed. Beauty is being your natural healthy self. The irony is that many of the companies that suggest that you need to cover up something are often the ones causing the unwanted skin conditions in the first place. For example silicone and petroleum based oils tend to just coat your skin and prevent it from breathing. Another example is synthetic fragrances. Many people are sensitive to synthetic fragrances and they don’t even know it. This goes for synthetic preservatives as well.

We take a totally different approach. First we recognize the body's ability to heal and care for itself provided that it has the nutrients that it needs. This forms the foundation for all of our formulas and recipes. Simply put; feed your body with healthy food and it will be healthy. Feed your skin with healthy products and it too will be healthy. This is why we have made the commitment to using no synthetic ingredients as well as using ingredients that nurture your skins natural beauty. Beauty is inherent in every human being in a healthy body, mind, and spirit. When we realize this we no longer want to look or be like anyone but ourselves. Beauty is being your natural healthy self. Beauty is naked.

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