Daisy's Creations

Tooth Necklace
Solar System Necklace
Desk Mascots
A cup of tea is always welcome on a busy days crafting!

Daisy's Story Thus Far

On a Cornish high street, last summer, Daisy's Creations was born in to the world. Purely out of boredom and being poor.

Nowadays, my shop is in full swing and still going strong over a year after it's arrival! I try to add new items, at the very least, once a fortnight and am constantly gathering inspiration from the world and people around me.

In my 'real life' I work in a cafe and pride myself on making the best cup of tea in town. No time is wasted in my everyday life, I even knit on the bus so I have more time to craft when I get home!

I live in the UK with my partner. Our spare room pretends to be my studio and I pretend to be an artist in it.
I am Daisy! I am a 23 year old entrepreneur residing in Wiltshire UK.

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