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Last updated on April 30, 2022
Welcome to my Etsy store, I greatly appreciate you stopping by if even for just a moment to explore my work.

Temna Fialka is a diverse clothing and accessory line produced by designer Natasha Lazarovic from Edmonton, AB Canada.

As a designer I strive to advance my creative drive by applying a versatile range of materials and skill sets. I am able to create everything from custom wedding and grad dresses to the most elaborate specialty pieces. This includes, leather work, metal work, mask and prop design, re-worked fur pieces, hair pieces, jewelery and much, much more.

Most of what you will view on this site are one of a kind pieces that may be bought in their individual parts as presented or used as an idea base to create your own one of a kind piece.

Please keep in mind that there are no closed doors or creative barriers with my work - nothing is impossible in my mind, all you need to do is ask.

I hope you will enjoy viewing a piece of my world and exploring the creative voyage that are my creations.

Accepted payment methods

Returns and exchanges
Within a respectable time frame exchanges will be granted on "full priced non-custom" items.

All sale items and "custom request pieces" are final sale.

In the event of any damage due to shipping a full investigation will be requested from the "Shipping Party", and the appropriate preventative measures will be in place before the shipment leaves my hands.

Please keep in mind that I am a reasonable and kind hearted person, so in the event of a uniquely extreme situation the above may be taken into consideration.
Paypal is my preferred method of payment due to international differences in payment methods and time zones.

My Paypal email address is:

temna.fialka.designs [!at]
Costs in Canadian shipping will vary depending on what corner of the world you will be contacting me from. I generally will ship via Canada Post as to avoid as many un-necessary hidden or additional charges as possible.
Additional policies and FAQs
It has been brought to my attention that my personal ethics in regards to using fur in my latest collection Ortega may be in question.

As we are all aware, ethical debates based on personal morals can be a very sensitive subject, and light wildfires without conscious intent.

I would like to begin by making it very clear that I DO NOT support or encourage the abuse, neglect or slaughter of animals farmed for their fur and all fur materials used in this or any collection I have or may create in the future are recycled fur products.

Recycled consists of: old fur coats, hats, capes, vests and any other product that at one time rendered an animals life. I choose to use recycled items (by donation) because I do not feel it is appropriate that at one point in time these animals were farmed and killed for their fur and have now been forgotten or stuffed away in boxes, closets or thrift stores.

I DO believe that if the human society must take an animals life that it is only with the utmost respect that we use every inch of that animal. And if we are to kill with out necessity, that those animals be honored and remembered as we should be grateful for their lives.

On this note, I would also like to make it clear that I do not have an issue with working with leather products limited to pig, cow, and occasionally sheep and goat - as I am aware that hundreds of thousands of these animals are killed everyday for meat products. This action is likely a permanency in human society, so I will honor that animal by making sure that all of it is appropriately used.


The residents of Alberta Canada are exposed on a daily basis to many wildlife that may be considered as exotic to other peoples in the world and even across Canada. But the unfortunate fact of the matter is that many of these animals are seen as pests to some. Thousands of these animals are killed every year protected by the government or not - for sport to eliminate nuisance or by sheer negligence on highways and lower traffic areas within city limits and their bi products sold for fifty cents to local tannery's. In turn the tannery's sell these products for $1.25 or $3.95.

By using the bi products of these animals in my work I hope to bring to attention that these animals too, are beautiful and deserve a chance at life as much as exotic animals farmed for their fur are. As a Canadian, my vision is that our society will eventually stop seeing these animals as a barrier to our modern lifestyle, and respect their natural place and harmony in this world.

-Temna Fialka 2010

Please access my website at or contact me directly at temnafialka [!at] for any additional inquiries beyond the above stated.