100% Beeswax Candles {Traditionally Crafted by Hand}

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100% Beeswax Candles {Traditionally Crafted by Hand}

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{ a passion for creating beauty + natural materials + timeless methods }

Every year, when the cool breezes first appear in the fall, I dig through my supplies and pull out the blocks of beeswax, spools of cotton wicking, and all of my pots that I use when crafting the beeswax candles sold here. Throughout the cool months of fall, winter, and the early days of spring, you will often find me in our small, off-grid homestead kitchen dipping and wrapping candles by hand, fashioning only 10-15 pairs each afternoon with our wood-burning cookstove. The small quantities and simple methods ensure that each pair is of the best quality that I can provide - both in their performance and their simple beauty.

Beeswax candles burn very cleanly, producing little smoke and only dripping if bumped or blown on by small children. Unlike the more common candles made from paraffin wax, beeswax candles do not produce toxic fumes as they burn. As a by-product of the petroleum industry, paraffin candles produce many of the same toxic fumes that are found in auto exhaust when burning. Beeswax, a natural & sustainable fuel, produces a light honey smell when burning, burns longer and brighter than paraffin, and some even say that it actually cleans the air by releasing negative ions when burning.

Beeswax candles perform beautifully in many settings - on the casual family dinner table...during the elaborate Sabbath the elegant mother-daughter tea...on the the special wedding feast...and so many more places! We use them for all occasions to beautify the home and to make family meal time even more special!
{the story}

{excerpted from my blog post shortly after opening my first website}

"It all started back in the winter of 2008 when I first watched Vicki West's video "Homestead Blessings: The Art of Candle Making". I had been interested in dipping candles for quite some time, and this gave me the inspirational push I needed to actually begin. Thus began my candle making journey...

I have sold them in various locations throughout the last few years: Family Week Marketplace for a couple of years, on eBay, through word-of-mouth, and, most recently, through an ad in the back of the Keepers at Home magazine. After listing them in the magazine last fall, I only had one lady order from me, so I pretty much forgot about the ad and began thinking of other ways to market them and possible other things to market with them. Some of you may remember the blog we started with several of our homemade items being offered for sale... For multiple reasons (technical difficulties with setting up a few aspects of the site, lack of time to keep one more blog up and interesting to our readers, etc., etc...), we ended up shutting down that blog/shop and went back to just selling my candles in person and through word-of-mouth.

A week ago, I received a call from someone affiliated with KAH who asked if I minded her sharing my phone number with someone who was interested in my candles. Of course, I didn't mind, but I was rather surprised to receive the call after thinking that people had pretty much forgotten about me and my candles. Imagine my surprise when the lady who was interested in my candles called back a few minutes later and I heard that it was Vicki West on the other end! She needed 12 pairs of candles for a conference dinner she was organizing, did I have that many I could sell? Not being at home at the time, I told her that I could sell her that many but I would not be able to ship until I arrived back home. We worked out all of the details concerning payment, shipping, etc., and began chatting. After finding out that we had met about a month before on an herb walk at a small plain community, and realizing that as we spoke we were less than 30 miles apart, I then told her that I had learned about dipping candles from her video. She was so excited, and I thought that it was a pretty interesting "coincidence" to have my "teacher" order candles from me! :-)


It has been a fun journey, one that is developing with each order and new customer requests... I love my job, and am grateful for the ability to work it into my daily life! Thanks for reading!
~Lauren "

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Frequently asked questions
My candle is burning really can I extend the burn time?

To make your candles burn longer, store them, wrapped, in the refrigerator. Cool wax will not burn as fast or drip as much.

What if my candles are bent from storage?

If your candles become bent in warm storage, simply place them in a pan of warm water until pliable and gently reshape.