Naturcraft's Shop Announcement

The use of incense date back to biblical times while offering prayers or divining oracles, where gums and resins from aromatic trees were used extensively.
And the burning of incense made from exotic woods and spices has a long and honorable tradition in the Orient.
Buddhist monks used the mystical aroma in their purification rites, meditation and chanting.

Modern society now use incense to enhance the ambiance of their homes or offices, to entertain guests, to celebrate special occasions, to relax the body and calm the mind after a tiring day and to soothe tired nerves before retiring.

We produce our incense mostly by hand since year 2000. Natural gums, resins, organic raw materials, natural or natural-identical fragrance oils are mixed together in a blender. They are then loaded into an extruder to produce long strings through a cluster of tiny orifices.

The incense sticks are cut evenly and laid out and left to dry naturally. The incense are gathered together and packed when dried and harden. The whole process will take several days before ready to ship.

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