Nechegonadet's Shop Announcement

NechegoNadet means "nothing to wear" in Russian. You know the most popular women's challenge: nothing to wear and nowhere to hide. We feel our mission is to help women to manage with drab existence. Small bright accent of jewelry or accessories turns boring outfit into a fresh new look.
Natalia Kruglyak is creator, main designer and owner of the NechegoNadet brand. She always looks for a new talanted artists in all over the world. The result is a collection of the cute and uplifting jewelry. She tells:
"We want our accessories and jewelry to burst into the world of monotony of everyday life, like a rainbow after the rain, and to paint the life in bright colors. We love to create the jewelry which is able to surprise, to delight or just to cheer up.
The highest praise for us is recognition that our jewelery brings an element of the holiday into the life".

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