NewHueHandspuns' Shop Announcement

There have been some big changes in the store. You will now find my spinning fibers and Handspun yarns in my web store This store will now be filled with finished objects all hand dyed hand spun and hand knit by me.
Cheryl <^..^>

A group has been started on Ravelry for those who are fans of New Hue Handspuns. Come check us out... New Hue Handspuns Creations. Come share your creations and adventures.......Not a Ravelry member???? Join up, it's free and tons of fun!

Happy Knitting and spinning,

Cheryl <^..^>
These yarns and fibers are now available at
Welcome to New Hue Handspuns!
October 11th is my "Learned to Spin" anniversary. This past October I celebrated 15 years of spinning, and it is still as fun and as exciting as it was during my first spinning class! I have spun for several other yarn producers and on occasion still do, but there is nothing like the fun of producing your own yarn lines!

NewHueHandspuns currently has 4 yarn lines, and I am looking into several other fibers to add in the future. I dye and spin all the fiber and yarn myself, and my dear sweet Hubby helps me out with the shipping and computer work.

*****NEW YARN LINE*** CashHue is now available!!! This luxurious fiber is unbelievably SOFT with fiber content of 50% Cashmere 50% Tussah Silk. I will be stocking it in lace weight and will spin heavier weights by custom order. I will not be stocking the spinning fiber for a few months yet, but I am HAPPY to dye up a custom order for you. Hand painted CashHue spinning fiber sells for $15 an ounce.

Handspun BAMHUEY yarn is 60% Merino, 40% Bamboo (rayon processed). It is available in Sock/Sport weight, Dk, and Lace weights.

Handspun BUNNY PATCH yarn is 80% Merino, 20% Angora. It is available in Fingering weight, Chunky(everything from DK and bigger), and Lace weights.

Handspun FUZZY BUNNY yarn is one ply of 100% Angora, plyed with one ply of 80% Merino, 20% Angora. It is available in Chunky sizes from DK and larger.

I'M HAPPY AND THRILLED TO SPIN TO ORDER!!!!!!! Did you see a yarn in a color you love, but not in the size or fiber you need? CONVO me! I can spin up just what you need in the amount that you want. Custom orders generally take 4-14 days depending on amount ordered and dyed fiber supply.

SPINNERS: You can spin up your own Bunny Patch and BamHuey yarns. All my colorways/fibers are available, if you don't see the colorway listed that you are wanting, CONVO me! If I don't have it in stock I can dye it up and have it on the way to you quickly, in most cases out of stock fiber will be ready for shipping in 4 days.