Handcrafted Jewelry, Shawl Pins, Ornaments, Vases

Nick in his shop full of manly tools.
Our shawl pins have been featured in knitting magazines in the US and UK and sent all over the world!
Our CNC mill carving "Omma" for our Hangul jewelry.
My favorite pair of old pliers that have no brand name on them that I use for our aluminum wire jewelry.
Our son Henry helps stamp our logo on the jewelry boxes. He has even designed some of our most successful pieces!

25 years of love and crafting, hammering, learning and goofing around

It all began 28 years ago on April Fool's Day when Nick and I met in Panajachel Guatemala. Nick had been traveling with his girlfriend who rudely dumped him a month earlier. She even took the guide book and towel! I was traveling with friends who were teaching me the ropes of purchasing Guatemalan crafts and reselling them. I needed a strong handsome man to carry my big boxes to the post office and Nick came along at just the right time. We've been traveling life together in a co dependent fashion ever since and he still carries boxes to the Post Office.
I have always been crafty and making things. I worked for a couple of jewelers in Key West the winter before I went to Guatemala and learned some wire jewelry skills. While visiting friends that summer of '87 Nick noticed a crystal wire wrapped pendant in their home. He quickly came up with his own design and we started making crystal wire wrapped jewelry. Ah the eighties!
We lived in Toronto while Nick finished his degree in Philosophy at U of T. With his degree and my BA in Art History we took off traveling around America for 2 1/2 years living in our Ford Econoline van. We sold our jewelry at Grateful Dead concerts and wholesaled it to stores all around the country. But somewhere in Buffalo we got lost in a supermarket and had an existential break down. We realized we needed to settle down and live somewhere instead of being the traveling observers passing through other peoples lives.
We decided on Oregon. We loved the idea of the Eugene Saturday Market and having the ability to sell our work every Saturday. We ended up living outside of Philomath which is an hour north of Eugene near Corvallis in the beautiful allergy filled Willamette Valley.
Along the way Nick's passion for learning led him to discover machining. He became an online dealer for Taig tools. They make small lathes and milling machines for hobbyists right here in the USA. Here's the link to Nick's Taig tools business:
Nick's love of tools and learning keeps us growing and continuing to add new designs and products to our shop.
12 years ago we adopted our son Henry from South Korea and Max came along 2 years later. They are the joy of our lives and keep us on our toes, busy, exhausted and addicted to coffee.
We started selling our jewelry on Etsy on May 26th 2006. 8 years later we are now according to Craftcount in the top 25 jewelry sellers on Etsy! Etsy has completely changed our lives. After taking a one year leave of absence from the Eugene Saturday Market in 2013, we have now decided to stop selling there because we are just too busy to keep up and enjoy our family weekends . It's been an amazing journey and we are so grateful to Etsy and our customers for letting us continue to not have “real jobs” and live this wonderful life. We truly appreciate every sale and guarantee we will do everything possible to make sure you are happy with your Nicholas and Felice creation.
Nicholas and Felice
owner, maker, designer
We're Nicholas Carter and Felice Luftschein. We live in Philomath Oregon with our sons, Henry and Max, our cat Mrs. CuteKitty, 3 goldfish, Gary the snail and Francis the Pleco making stuff.
Buddy the Zebra thermal label printer
Shipping Expert

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