nickitynicknax1's Shop Announcement

Nickity Nick Nax is a small family craft business based in Michigan. We have a multitude of products available and are still working on more. We specialize in glass and also wood creations.

Glass Creations Include: Wine lights, Candelabras, Lumineres, Outdoor Glass Creations, Liquor Bottle Lights, Liquor Bottle and Wine Lamps, Stained Glass Creations, and Bottle Creations.

Wood Creations Include: Solar Lawn Ornaments, Stand Alone Birdhouses, License Plate Birdhouses.

All of our creations are perfect for Graduates, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Wedding and Shower Gifts, as well as Birthday and Military. They are the perfect gifts for those people that have everything.

We put a lot of time and effort into making every piece an original. No two products will ever be exactly the same. We are a small company starting out so we are constantly coming up with new products. Our company takes pride in making products our consumers can enjoy.

Consumer Beware: Due to the fact that our products are made from glass, we are not responsible for injuries.