nightsidestudios' Shop Announcement

PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL BE OUT OF TOUCH UNTIL AFTER MOTHER'S DAY!!! Please feel free to place an order, but we will not be able to ship anything until 11 May 2015.
Thank you for your patience. (note to burglars: our place is being occupied by a ferocious house-sitter and her dog. And she's not afraid to inflict serious deterrence! Neither is the dog......)

We like glass. Hot glass, warm glass, cold glass working.
We enjoy making full glasses into half-filled glasses.
We wear glasses sometimes, too, but never to make a spectacle of ourselves. (Ok, that one was pretty bad, sorry.....)
But other stuff figures into the equation sometimes, too. It could be feathers, metal, thread, odd organic materials, flotsam...

(to see some of our other influences, far too numerous to list hereabouts, see our "Influences" section on our website page at:

lots of other fun info, too, at our site)

You can probably locate our blahblahBlog from there, too, if you have a high tolerance for largely random musings, recipes and whatnot (we're expecting a new supply of bricabrac soon, but we'll just have to struggle along with just the big heap of whatnot until then...)

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.