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Mystic and Surrealist Fine Art, speaking the twilight language to integrate dreaming and awakening.

I am passionate about expressing myself creatively and offering evolutionary inspiration during this unprecedented cosmic shift through fluid expression of Art, Poetry, Music and Being. An avid student of metaphysics and mysticism, I cannot recall a single moment of my life that was ordinary. Training in bardcraft and shamanism from an early age nurtured my gifts as a Seer and Mystic. Graduating at age 16 from a rich and prolific education through home schooling, I released my debut solo piano album, "A River's Journey," which received airplay throughout North America and Europe. As a revolutionary evolutionary, I am also a Shakespeare scholar with a passion for Apocalypse in the original Greek meaning of the word: Revelation, as an alchemy by which I allow transfigurative expressions to flow through me using the twilight language of the dream conscious. Semi-bedridden and homebound due to my neuromuscular disease, I reside in a forest glen where I live a contemplative existance inspired by nature and cosmic life. The experiential awareness gifted to me through the shamanic wound of my disease has been a portal between worlds, an initiation into the fluid formlessness which I channel through my art.

Forthcoming book publications include: "PYTHIA UNBOUND: Black Light Blazing" ( a poetic anthology of words and images) and "The Apocalyptic Metaphysics of Shakespeare's King Lear: Notebook of a Mystic."

The images flowing through me are multidimensional and multisensory, a combination of automatic/inspired stream-of-consciousness painting and mystic visions with a hint of abstract surrealism, my pieces incorporate the alchemy of Light, Frequency and Incorruptible Matter in its formless, fluid and often amorphous synergy, questioning the assumption that form is immovable solidity and provoking a shattering of glass-house illusions. Created through digital software and printed on Musuem-Wrapped Fine Art Canvas, these highly esoteric, experiential tone-poems are perfect for home, office, hospitals, galleries, libraries, hotels and innovative interior design for enhancing the metaphysical inner and outer environments.
I am alive anywhere a Wall falls down
I am alive anywhere a boundary shatters
Both naked and veiled,
I am a living Lament of the Borderlands
(Veiled only through your blindness
Naked only in your nudeness)
My voice the penetrator of sealed confessions
My heart the chamber of untamed fire
My skin the ears of unseen utterance
My hair the weeping tears of stars.
At once vulnerable and incorruptible
I endured the stigmata of sacrificial love
And burned the crucifix of irreconcilable truths

Setting lies free, I opened the Gates of Hell
And stood in the archway of Paradise
Breaking open the vault of Heaven
I was plummeted into the Abyss
(Light blinded me and so I fell)
Where the decapitated Pythoness
Licked my ears with blessed curse of Sight.
Now, on the brink of Infinity,
There remains an urgent task:
To accomplish the Impossible:
For which I must be reunited
With my complimentary contradiction.
--Copyright 2010 Jocelyn Woods

From the poem "My Name Was Thisbe" included in a forthcoming book of poems, "PYTHIA UNBOUND: Black Light Blazing."