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Last updated on Aug 11, 2017

Don't miss out on the GIVEAWAY going on, on our Facebook page -

We have a new website coming soon!! Keep checking back for updates! :)


Elise Yoder

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Elise Yoder


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Hi! I’m Elise. Welcome to NitiCo!

I will never forget my first visit to Bangladesh in the summer of 2012. My eyes were opened to so many things. I fell in love with the people of Bangladesh. The faces of the women, men, and children I met on the streets of Dhaka will forever be engrained in my mind and heart. If you’re not familiar with Bangladesh, it is one of the most poverty stricken and densely populated countries in the world! I found Bangladeshis to be some of the most loving, generous, and welcoming people I have ever had the opportunity to meet.

I lived in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, for 3 years with my husband and daughter. If you’d like to know more about my time in Bangladesh, please message me.

During my time in Bangladesh, I had the opportunity to visit and/or get to know organizations, like Basha, CUP, MIB (Made in Bangladesh), Pebble, and other fair-trade organizations. Since returning to the United States, I have been eager to find a way to work alongside these organizations in some way, even though I am no longer living in Bangladesh. After thinking and praying about it for many months, I decided to start a shop.

নীতি (Niti), in Bangla, means justice. So NitiCo means ‘Justice Company.’ My vision with NitiCo is to develop a business that will support social justice and other organizations that are working to promote justice and hope, especially in Bangladesh.

A little background on the organizations NitiCo is working alongside:

After meeting with Robin, the founder of Basha, which in Bangla means ‘House of Hope,’ I fell in love with her vision and mission, as well as the beautiful products they make at Basha. Through dignified work, Basha provides a sustainable livelihood for women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Women gain job skills and the opportunity to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs in a healthy, healing, supportive environment. Each woman’s story varies, but for each her circumstances have put her at high risk of harm or resulted in her exploitation. We work with employees’ children too, ensuring the cycle of poverty and victimization is broken. Basha exports hand made, boutique quality products around the world. Basha provides hope for women and children, by providing:

• Fair Living Wages
• Reasonable Work Hours
• Healthy, safe, community-filled work environment
• Continuing Education Programs in: English, Bangla, Budgeting
• Pay for time attending classes
• Savings Programs
• Bonuses and profit sharing
• Counselling
• Medical Benefits and coverage for major medical procedures
• Day care and school support/sponsorship
• Community building, participatory business practices, and appreciation of each staff member’s contribution makes Basha a special place to work. By providing day care, developmentally appropriate educational activities, and school support, Basha seeks to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation in the upcoming generation as well.

To learn more about Basha & the work they are doing, please visit their website:!

Children’s Uplift Program (CUP)
CUP is a project of Serving in Mission (SIM), working with mothers and children in street situations to break cycles of poverty and abuse. Most CUP mothers previously survived by begging for money or selling sex, with their children often forced into similar work. CUP runs a drop-in centre in Dhaka where these women and children are able to rest, wash and receive crisis support.

CUP also runs a training program for around thirty mothers of young children. The women participate in literacy classes, vocational and life-skills training. Children under five attend school preparation classes while older children are supported to attend local schools.

On completion of their training, women are offered work with Basha’s Dhaka office. Located in the same building, Basha and CUP work closely to provide a seamless transition for the women, with ongoing counselling, support, education, training and child-care services.

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  • Basha Boutique


    Basha creates high quality, unique, handmade products which reflect our love for the traditions of Bangladesh while employing women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Read our latest news and see behind the scenes!

  • Thistle Farms

    Nashville, TN

    Thistle Farms' mission is to HEAL, EMPOWER, AND EMPLOY women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. We believe that in the end, love is the most powerful force for change in the world.

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