njluvdolls' Shop Announcement

Winter's cold and snow is def here, and being is the South esp, that means USPS delays
1. I cant get there, side streets dont get plowed. 2. PO sometimes closes with snow, and 3. even when open, travel is slower and difficult. and 4. The PO is trying new methods and routing options that are crazily slowing things down. So please be patient and understanding.

Speaking of USPS, I have taken down most posts except upcoming holidays and some winter items due to recent significant shipping increases (I've heard 17 -20%) all I know is I thought it was the usual slight increase which I could absorb for a bitp, NOT- its killing me with losses I can't afford..... so sorry, I have to revamp all listings and that takes a long time, esp with a few special orders at hand I must give attention to.

My wonderful local consignment op- (fave little toy shop Spaz Toys) closed so my ears are on the listen for an affordable new op. I rarely do the crafts show circuit too expensive painful, exhausting w/my health issues and too financially risky. I do miss connecting with people, sewing is a solitary job, my hubby and pets aren't too interested in sewing talk, so now I belong to a doll group & sewing group = fun.

Will quickly explain my setup, items for sale are here on Etsy, Etsy sold items can be seen by clicking on left side page, and other pix of not in stock items I've made in past for help in custom order ideas, as well as currant projects and fun links I find are on my Facebook bus page (NJLuvDoll &more). I do also have stock that doesnt Etsy qualify so is Ebay auction, doll group, or local sale destined. "DO YOU HAVE_____for sale?" questions regarding doll clothes and accessories are welcome.

Glad you visited, hope you fell in love with something, come visit again, spread the word to send some friends over too, even say a quick HELLO..........thanks a million! NJ