njluvdolls' Shop Announcement

Spring went pretty much zoomed right into summer heat but thats ok, better than winter cold. I'm back home again longterm, my mom died peacefully recently, so as I adjust to that loss, I'm reorganizing my stock, supplies and workspace- things were a bit upside moving things back and forth 8 hours away for a few years (tho I wouldn't trade away that time with her for anything 'cept to have her back, my dear sweet mama). I haven't sewn in a while but have piles- of new supplies (PA is such a great source of sewing and vintage stock resale shops, flea mkts etc) and ideas of future projects PLUS new listings to do. So stay tuned, they'll be some cute pickins.

I have no currant consignment op- my favorite little toy shop (missing Spaz Toys) but my ears are listening for something similar in town; not back in the crafts show circuit yet they got pretty exhausting with my health issues and weren't all that profitable anyhow but since I like to connect locally, maybe find a few....stuff looks so much more appealing in person. But the good news for you and me is that it's all here for YOU first on Etsy.

Glad you visited, hope you enjoyed it and fell in love with something; do come visit again and send some friends over too, thanks a million! NJ