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A vintage story ♡ This hat went to the maker's grand-daughter looking to connect with her family history.
I look for details in vintage that show the quality of a bygone era. Like this dress with a handmade rose & rhinestones.
I believe a better made vintage counterpart can be found for most of today's fashions.
There is a special place at No Carnations for 1930s necklaces. Always looking for these favorite pieces.
Once in a while I come across that amazing find. Like these Elsa Schiaparelli shoes. So happy they went to a good home.

collector, creator and part-time vintage shop owner

I once read in a 50s etiquette book to tell the florist 'No Carnations' so that you could get your money's worth without a lot of fillers in your bouquet. With that being said, I believe that old ideas and objects can be made new again...even carnations.

Each curated piece at No Carnations is chosen to fit seamlessly into a modern wardrobe. You will find classic and eclectic looks for your personal style at affordable prices.

Everyone deserves to wear good clothes.
owner, Owner
I grew up rummaging through thrift stores and going to yard sales, looking for that great piece of vintage that could fit easily into my personal style. Now as a part time job, I am so happy to be doing this for you at No Carnations.

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