nomadicbags' Shop Announcement

Hola from Mexico! I have just listed 6 new carpetbags here, and 4 on KITAbags! They are listed in CURRENT STOCK. All CUSTOM ORDER bags are SOLD. I will be making bags from my retirement, but only as inspiration hits, so no more custom bags for now, sorry...
All my bags are true to the Nomadic Bags model and standards.
but the KITAbags have the most collectible textiles, the most intricate handwork,
and 30 or more hours of my time in their design and construction.

For a NOMADIC BAG that is ready to take home now, look in the CURRENT STOCK section.

The CUSTOM ORDER bags are prototypes, from which i magine and create my new bags. I am not taking CUSTOM ORDERS per se, any longer. But will instead be posting some bags before they have straps or bling, so you can make choices of your own!

NOMADIC BAGS are now designed and constructed in my workshop in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

I use vintage textiles, most of them hand-knotted/woven/stitched rugs, hangings,and quilts -- from the Nomadic tribes of the Middle East, and textile artists in Hawaii, Thailand, India, Bali, Japan, Africa, and beyond. They are combined with antique and thrift store finds, upcycled and unique.

NOMADIC BAGS look homemade, because they are.
They are organic and old-fashioned...
The price of each bag is based on the value of the textiles,
and the time it took to create it.
Each bag is different, engineered to handle and hang just right...

NOMADIC BAGS are drawn to nomadic souls.
They carry the message that the weaving of worlds,
makes us all one...Namaste

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.