One week old, little Nora fit in the palm of your hand.
It's ok, I can eat like this. It's my birthday!
My hair kinda sticks out everywhere!
Ok, ok, so I do have hair. It's CRAZY!

New Little Family Member Is a Natural Super Model

Nora Bee's Bonnets is actually an accident. When Nora was born, I started making clothes for her and discovered, I LOVE MAKING BABY BONNETS!

My husband LOVES TAKING PICTURES! Especially of Nora. She seems to love having her picture taken. So it works out well.

Thankyou to my daughter and her husband for having their beautiful little girl, she is cherished.
Nora Bell
owner, Super Model
Hi, my name is Eleanora Bell (Nora B for short). I live with my Mom and Dad in a cute little house in beautiful New York State. I am wild and crazy and a little bit of trouble. I am one now and my hair sticks out everywhere! I like it that way. It looks like my Dad's hair. My grandmother is always putting hats on me and Papa takes my picture.
Suzanne & Bob
owner, Suzanne - owner, Papa - the photographer

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